YFU Switzerland

Autumn arrived in Sweden

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last blog and in this time alot of things happened and changed.
I made many new experiences and learned a lot more about Sweden.
Some of the things I did:
•I’ve been to Göteborg twice. The first time some other exchange students and me visited Liseberg (a rollercoaster park) and the second time I did some sightseeing and met friends from Switzerland who did holidays there and brought my second suitcase.
okänt.jpg wird angezeigt. okänt.jpg wird angezeigt.
•I’ve been to a „Chelbi“ as we would call it in Switzerland. It is like a little fair where people cell candy, knitted gloves and scarfs and so on. My host siblings and me even participated a race.
•We celebrated my host mother Maries birthday. (And even ate kräftor, swedish crabs…!)
okänt.jpg wird angezeigt.okänt.jpg wird angezeigt.
•Besides the Swedish lessons, all the exchange students who live in or near Karlstad had many lunches, fikas and other fun times toghether. Before I came here I heard  that other exchange students will always be ones best friends and now I can absolutely rely to this.
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•I’ve learned a lot of swedish, what makes life easier here. I also can participate better in school, it’s more interesting if you understand more.
•I read more, what I really appreciate. It gives me a little break sometimes. And I think it’s important to have this in an exchange year, breaks or short moments for yourself. Right now I read Ken Follett’s „Fall of Giants“. A cool new hobby I found here in Sweden and I look forward to read my first book written „på svenska“!
•I observed how autumn made the beautiful swedish nature even more beautiful (if this is even possible!) The forests look like they were on fire! From yellow, over orange-red, until brown, a wonderful play of colours…! And I am very lucky now, that I packet so many winterclothes, brrrrrrr!
•I had an very exclusive sight of the bloodmoon, my friend and me saw it shine over the Vännern. A wonderful experience which I will never forget. The picture couldn’t really catch the beauty of this moment.

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•I also made my first difficult experience here in Sweden; 4 days ago I moved from my first hostfamily to a temporary one, where I stay until a new one is found. The main reason for this change is the long and complicated way to school and also the independance it causes. I’m glad that I will stay in friendly contact with my first family and that my temporary family and me get on very well with each other. Yesterday for example, we cooked moose together, what I really enjoyed.

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I make so many wonderful memories here and I’ve got different ways to keep them. I have a little booklet where I right in what I do here and I also glue in stuff like tickets or receipts and so on. Another thing I do, is an picture album on my phone named „324 days“, the plan is to take a picture everyday and save it in that album. Until now I’ve got 66 pictures, for those 66 days I’ve spent here. Another way of saving memories is, that I exchange letters with my family and best friends in Switzerland. We write eachother about what’s happening in our lifes and how we feel about this.
I can’t wait for the real swedish winter. I’m curious of the darkness and also especially Christmas and I hope that it will be a very cold and snowy one.
Today I’m going take a walk through the nearby forest with my temporary hostfamily. It’s a wonderful sunny day, the trees are absolutely worth it to look at and take pictures of! Later I will see a volleyball game of my team here in Karlstad.
I have found much more knowledge in this time than I ever did in school. I’ve learned about myself, others, our society and the connection between all three.