YFU Switzerland

The beginning of my new Life in Sweden

Wow… I can’t believe that 17 days of the 324 days I’ll be spending here in Karlstad are already over!
I learned so much during the short time here; about Sweden but also much about myself. I found out that people here are very very social, everyone helps and cares for eachother. And I also experienced the social political system, for example with the free food at school.
In a exchange year no one knows your past and you don’t have a future. Maybe the future is the next 307 days, but you don’t have to care about your future job career or whatever. Here in Sweden, I live in the moment. And I like this. I try to apreciate as many things as I can and there are many… For example the fika I had with some of my new classmates, the first volleyball training I could go to, my big and lovely family with all their animals or how friendly the teachers in school are. I’m very motivated to learn swedish fast, because I think this will help me in many ways, not only better communication but I think I will also feel more like a „svenska flicka“ if I can also talk like one.
Besides fika and learning swedish I did many other things here, too: I went to Mariebergskogen (a park with animals in Karlstad), had my first day of school, I’ve been to a little festival, I tried to find my way in Karlstad (and also shopped a little hihihi), my family took me to a kind of agricultural fair and many many more things.
Eventhough I really miss my family and friends in Switzerland, I fell in love with Swedens nature, people and especially the very easy-going school system!