YFU Switzerland

The First Few Days

On 12. august I started my exchange year. It was so unrealistic to say goodbye to everyone at home and to know that I won’t see them for a whole year!
In the airplane my feelings were playing rollercoster. One minute they were like „AWESOME!!! Finally my exchange year starts!“ but in the next I had to think about my family and friends and that I won’t see them for a whole year… „What the heck am I doing?! Can we turn the plane and go back to Switzerland please??“
The welcoming camp was very cool, I’ve met so many people from all over the world. We stayed in typically swedish houses, had fika (swedish cake and coffee) and were bathing in a very cold lake. (For me it felt like if it was ice water, but for the swedish people it was like a whirl pool…) It could not have been more cliché!
I was in the train to get to Kristinehamn were my host parents and my seven host siblings waited for me. I could barely handle my 31kg suitcase, so people had to help me. I said tack så mycket (thank you very much) like a thousand times and I said that I was an exchange student. „It’s our responsibility to help you.“ Said one (blonde hair and blue eyed) women. That’s when I knew I really was in Sweden. People are so social and helpful here…
I had tears in my eyes when I first saw my new home. The next 321 days I will live in a red and white house, next to the biggest lake in sweden with my hostparents, my 7 host siblings, 5 ponies, 2 horses, 4 dogs, 2 alpacas and several rabbits. I feel like I am in some of Astrid Lindgrens stories!