YFU Switzerland

Short update (why are no posts coming?)

If you’re reading the heading and were an exchange student before I’m pretty sure that you will think I could tell you this before and probably you could, but I wouldn’t be sure if I would have listened to you prior my exchange year 🙂

For all my other readers; yes I’m still alive and my town is exactly as I imagined it. A rural small town where it seems like everybody knows each other, with all the cool (and unhealthy) fast-food chains like Taco Bell, Pizza Hut or Burger King and a culture like it would come directly from an American movie. I’m living here now for about a months and with every week I can more call this place my second home; with every week at school I’m getting known new students who eventually became new friends I’m hanging out at the weekends and I meet new people of the family. What consumes currently most of my time is a mixture of a huge amount of homework (even with 15,5 Credits) and two younger brothers who wanna play as long as they are awake. In fact, when I’m writing these lines I’m the last one who is not in bed already and I’m still trying to finish my homework.

Maybe I’ll have more time as the year going on, but for now, I can’t guarantee any new blog posts.