YFU Switzerland

Exchangels – Spread your wings and fly away

Today I’m starting my blog here at YFU and you’re very welcome to follow me through my year in the united states of America. When I’m writing this lines it’s only a few weeks before the biggest and most scary adventure in my live will start. The weather outside my house at this evening, distant lightning and thunder that slowly comes closer, describes my current feeling perfectly. I can’t wait to start my new life with a new family, a new house, new friends, a new school, a (not so) new language and a (not so) logical system of measurement.

The first time I got interested in an exchange program was some months after I started my apprenticeship back in 2012, I can’t really tell how it happened but I guess a youtube video started my interest in this. If you know the Swiss school system you know that this is a very unfortunate moment to start thinking about this because I could’t interrupt it till I wrote my final exam. Even though I read all about the high school program I knew that I could’t participate on it at my age of my graduation so I needed a different program. After a lot of researching about the organizations here in Switzerland (and lot more blogs and youtube channels I followed) I knew that a language school (and there organizations with two letters) wouldn’t be what I wanted and so I thought about the community college program. I visited two organizations, one in Zurich and one in Bern. One of the biggest reasons why I took YFU at the end was there non profit status and their commitment to the culture exchange.

In fall 2016 I was finally ready to sign the exchange program contract and I could fill out all the forms, wrote my letter to my host family and record a short introduction about myself. After a short military service I had the time again to focus on my exchange adventure and so I joined a lot of WhatsApp groups, followed blogs and youtube channels and helped to order an exchange hoodie with this years motto (Exchangels – spread your wings and fly away). After some months of working and waiting for my college I finally got the news that I’ll attend at the Olney Central College for two semesters! I was really happy to finally know where I will stay for over 10 months and who’s my local coordinator is. Some days ago I could also visit the US Embassy in Bern so I finally got my F1 Visa too. Now I count the days to my departure in direction to the Middle West, USA. There’s already things I can say that I’ll do it the last time and I also needed to saying goodbye to some people I know.