YFU Switzerland

Office Visit in Bern, June 2017

[Generously sponsored by Movetia]
From 26th until the 28th of June 2017 I spent three work days at the National Office of YFU Switzerland in Bern. The objective of the stay was to shadow and study office procedures, learn from best practices and identify areas where YFU Austria and YFU Switzerland office operations can be improved.

During the three days the following activities took place:

  • Job shadowing with key staff members
  • Position related personal interviews with staff
  • Workshop (use of IT tools in YFU CH)

During these meetings peculiarities, similarities, and differences in office operations and procedures between the two organizations where explored. A particular focus hereby was the use of IT tools and systems in office and organizational operations as well as the challenges they are providing to each of the organizations on all levels of IT management and use.

Beside the agreement of continued exchange was, the need was identified to bundle and streamline IT efforts with the global YFU organization toward an integrated IT approach on global level.

YFU Austria would like to thank YFU Switzerland and its sponsors of the highly beneficial activity and would like to extend an invitation for a YFU Switzerland visit to the Austrian office.