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Alps Meeting of Board and National Directors 2017

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From February 24th-25th, The national Directors and Board representatives of several YFU organizations met in Biel. Representatives from YFU Austria, YFU France, YFU Germany, YFU Italy, and YFU Switzerland met. Additionally, the National Directors of YFU Lithuania, YFU Mexico and YFU USA participated in that meeting as special guests.

The objective of that meeting was to do best practice exchange on establishing positive change in the YFU network.

The Youth exchange landscape is going through big changes at the moment and this was the opportunity to share existing challenges both within the YFU network and outside of it. To find out what are the realities and priorities both at board and national director level and how each national organization is going about it.

This two days meeting allowed us to learn how the different boards functions and what they are currently working on and how national strategies are developed and implemented. For the NDs it was the realization of how different and challenging the different markets we are operating effectively are. The fact that several countries represent a vast untapped potential for YFU became also clearer in our discussions.

During the meeting, we also realized that there is a need to leverage the YFU values and have them flow into our working culture at the international level. Different business & program models were discussed as a way of diversifying the YFU offering. What we also found out during this best practice exchange, is what every single one of the participants can positively impact the development of the new international office and fill the new governance structure with relevant content and inputs.

After the event, two specific ideas are going to be explored, one of them is the development of a supranational organization to offer programs under the umbrella of a social enterprise and the other one is that a monitoring tool as to key performance indicator for each National organizations needs to be developed.

Overall, this was a very valuable time spent together with our international colleagues.

Minutes: VI Alps meeting 2017, Biel_minutes_photos


Blog written by Jerry Krattiger, National Director YFU Switzerland