YFU Switzerland

National Conference 2012

The National Conference, YFU Switzerland’s membership assembly, took place in Meiringen on January 21, 2012 at the Kirchgemeindehaus and it was a big success! Originally it was planned on the Mägisalp, but due to bad weather and heavy winds, the National Conference had to be moved to Meiringen itself on very short notice. In total 45 persons, including YFU Switzerland’s board and many other active volunteers, attended the Conference.

The board and everyone attending the Conference bid farewell to Lili, whose 3rd and final board term ended on this occasion. Her commitment and dedication towards YFU Switzerland is highly appreciated and acknowledged. Claudio was elected as a new Board member. Welcome again Claudio to the wonderful world of YFU!

50 Years of YFU Switzerland was also a topic during the unofficial part of the Conference. Contributions of John, Daniel and Patricia made the audience laugh and curious at the same time about what is going to happen during this year! A big thank you to all of them!

In between the National Conference and the Dinner a small course around Meiringen was organised. Attendees had to take pictures of the letters “Y”, “F”, “U” and the numbers “5” and “0” at different spots in Meiringen and with different means (persons, material etc).

At the dinner Hans-Peter – the first YFU outbound student in 1962/63 – told us stories about his adventurous and interesting exchange experience. But he was not the only one from the early years of YFU Switzerland, who attended the event; also Ursula, exchange student in 1967/68 joined us.

The evening ended where every YFU evening in Meiringen ends: at the famous Alpenclub Sherlock with dessert and a lot of dancing and interesting talks!
On Sunday, before returning home, some visited the interesting Sherlock Holmes’ museum in the center of Meiringen.