YFU Switzerland


Time goes by. My journey here in New Zealand started 6 months ago. I have learned heaps; about people, this country and myself. When I first arrived here I was a lost seventeen years old girl. An unknown person in an unknown country. I never really realised what it means leaving home for a year, start somewhere new without any familiar faces and friends. But now six months later I have succeeded. I have build myself a second home.  A home with a family and friends, a new world thousands of miles away from where I come from, from where I first started. Those two worlds are far away from each other and now I am the bridge in between them. I can’t say which one I prefer better. I love them both as much as it is possible but both are so different from each other and now a part of me. I will always be the girl from Berne in Switzerland. I will never forget where I come from. But right now my life is here. In New Zealand. My heart is here. And ’Your home is where your heart is‘.