YFU Switzerland



This is my first blog. It took me 5 months to start writhing this blog. first of all my German is not that good and also my English. So I apologize for that. My name is Krit. I’m 16 , but I’ll be 17 tomorrow πŸ˜› I’m an exchange student from Thailand. My family in Thailand, My parents are Pharmacist. I have only one younger brother. He’s 15. Next year, he’ll also make an exchange in Germany with YFU. Now I live in Zug, Switzerland. I live with host father(he’s a salesman), host mother(she works in a transport company), and one younger host brother. he’s 14. He also go the the same school as mine, Kanti Zug. He always joking around. Sometimes he’s very annoying πŸ™ I have to go to school by bicycle just 5 minutes. It’s now faraway from my house. Before school one day, I have to talk with the director of the school about which subject am I interested in. I chose Bio-Chemistry. And for the first month I have to take a German course in the morning. I’m so excited when I first went to school here.Β  I have a lot of desire. I want to make some new friends. I want to know how they study. I want to learn some new stuff. It’s was great for the first day at school. I knew lots of friends in my class. They came and talk to me. There is also an exchange student in my class. He just came back from California. For lunch I went out and ate with them. We bought it in Migros. It’s like 5 minutes walk from school, then we walk to the lake and have lunch there. It was very nice. In Zug we live between the lake and the mountains. We have lunch time for 2 hours. That’s long! because in Thailand we only have 1 hour for lunch πŸ™ I’m so jealous. And in class they only have about 20 people. That’s easy to learn. Some classes we have to separate in 2 groups, group A and B. and switch class to study by week. Or some classes we have to study with other class. On Friday, I hanged out with friends. we went to the lake again because it really nice. It’s like a culture that on Friday evening teenagers hanging out πŸ˜€ I had a lot of fun there by side of the lake. My first month here in Switzerland was great. Everything is new. by the way I like the weather here πŸ˜€