YFU Switzerland

Namastay Schweiz ! :)

So I am in my School Uniform right now…what ? yes Uniform ! Oh ! Then , its got to be home !

Today I had to walk 15 minutes all the way from school back home….the chauffeur has his wedding , so he did not come to pick me up ….well , in that case , This must be home !

There is glass of Fresh fruit juice in my hand and from the window peeps in golden light…and yes lots and lots of blaring of horns ! God ! That means this is home 🙂

I was on the road , with everybody and everything else in the world...cars , scooters , bikes , bicycles , horse carts , cows , vendors , pedestrians ,holy saints , stalls of street food , girls sitting on stools and henna artists doing those wonderful works on their hands….This Diversity , This Noise , This Melody , This Confusion , This Theater , This Beauty ,This Ugliness …..This Everything…This Place is no other ! Its Home !
Welcome To India ! 🙂
Sometimes , when my mom comes to wake me up in the morning , I feel so dazed …where am I ? Who is that > when suddenly after a few milliseconds , things come back to me…Its no longer -20 degrees outside , its no longer snow out there , today I wont go skiing , today would be somewhat quieter , no fondue for dinner , no bus rides ALL  ALONE  ! Its no longer Pontresina with those 2000 inhabitants...Its Amritsar , with 2 million !
People have been coming , I have been talking , they claim I have changed ! I am no longer the shy Indian Girl , they say ,..they talk of confidence and…..



of St Moritz ! 😛

Chocolates have been distributed and have been particularly  loved.


So have been the stories of the Rich Russian Guys in St moritz…

The swiss flag in the background


I hesitate in speaking English now …its always punctuated with “oders“ “gels“ “abers“ “eigentliches“ etc !

I find it strange to eat things with spoon now ! I am used to fork and knives all the time !
I have tears in my eyes , when i eat food which is normal for others , but for me its spicy ! 🙂
I cant stand it , when there are a thousand Autos on the road and no body stops for me , when i have to cross the road !
And all that talk from the school teachers about Uniform Discipline and pseudo Co Education !


But then its different yet the same ! 🙂
There are no Engadine Buses to ferry you around wherever and whenever…but then there are cars and Chauffeurs and Sun glasses ! 😛
There are no ski slopes , but there are temples and shopping malls and lots of cafes !

But people are somehow the same , they love you , they care for you …somewhere they say “Gruezi‘‚ …and somewhere “Hello“ or ‚‚Namastay“ !

Somehow indebted and enchanted by Switzerland ,  my hostfamily and friends

I say…

I see you soon ! 🙂