YFU Switzerland

The night when i was checking my tickets and documents, in New Delhi, for the flight that was to take place in 7 hours , it looks like last night.Now sitting on this bed , i just realized that i never saw time pass away that quickly…less than a week , and i would be sleeping on the bed i used to sleep 6 months ago….I am going back to India…. 🙁 🙁 🙂 🙂
Yes , I am very tired , struggling with my difficult eyes…but I would not sleep..now that i have some 5 days left..i have to sleep less and live more…

Today I went the last time to school to collect my certificate…yesterday…when my history teacher wished me luck …and i sat into the bus..i realized .it felt terrible…it was the same school which tortured me with that ugly alarm everyday at 6 am..in the cold and the dark….but then.i love it..and i hated saying goodbye….
Last evening  , some 30 friends of mine…we all went out to eat..a farewell essen..followed by some partying..I felt somewhat pampered..on seeing that so many of them turned up..so nett and lieb..with letters and chocolates…signing my huge swiss flag….and then those hugs and promises of coming back…I am going to miss everything badly…
Today , i went skiing..we go skiing very often because i live in the skii paradise..the Engadine… You know , I am a dumbo when it comes to sports…I cant play anything properly…so for me it was a huge achievement..falling down and standing up on t the red slope.. 😀
Then I went with my host brother to the Hallenbad..U see i live in a horribly amazing place…u relax and talk while in warm water… surrounded by some of the most admired mountain peaks…i mean somewhat more beautiful than the kind You see on Lindt advertisements… 🙂 🙂
And then we went sledging 🙂 some -15 degrees…a long way…Moonlight all over the snow…and some forest ..Enchantment..There was something mystical about it..
A sense of loss dons over me…I have less than a week in this country..but then..would be nice to see everyone back home….and then…I can always come back..but..will it be the same ….