YFU Switzerland

“But Mama , Everything Feels Like Chocolate In This Country !“ <3




One of the views , during one of my train jouneys




OK so i just came from a Sauna (my host family owns a nice one) and it reminded me of home ! ( yes , its 45-48 degrees in Summer , in my city….HOT ! )

Hello everyone , So today i would just give a quick introduction and then later  i would go on with the  Swiss chocolate flow….yum yum 😉
So , I m a (almost) 17 year old girl from India , North India , to be precise …and (very unfortunately) I m here only for six months…half this time ist fast fertig ! (Denglisch <3 <3  ! ) Now i am feeling one with the energy of Switzerland , the wooden houses , the fondue , the gipfeli , the snow , the Lindt , The Cailler , The Rivella , The Rhaetische Bahn,The SBB (  yes ..i Love being in the trains here!)…I am not sure whether i want to go back so soon…I wish i could stay longer ….but then every fairy tell ends….with happy endings …(and lots of gorgeous memories)…

Sometimes i feel , that perhaps i was a little too lucky ..In Switzerland , i found myself in one of the most beautiful (when i say beautiful , i mean it to its extreme ) regions ..its called the the Engadin Valley...and I live in this little village of Pontresina (Perhaps you know St Moritz, our neighbor ) where it was already snowing in mid September ! It is this valley which you saw in the posters of Switzerland Tourism when you were in your country , I mean the little red trains moving along the snow clad glaciers , into little tunnels over those lofty bridges (Type in your Google search bar “Switzerland trains“ and you would know what i mean <3 ) Then this the place which makes you  wonder sometimes , “Can there actually be such a place?“ The little streets and bakeries serving fresh Engadin Kuchen…The imposing mountains..which you hike..to reach at a restaurant with the most magnificent view of the turquoise lakes and the villages below..The thermal baths here..where you would lie down in the warm water..there would be snow around..and you stare at this sky which is unbelievably star studded ( In India , due to big dwellings , its hard to see the stars )..its this place where..when u drive late at night you would happen to spot the most handsome deer searching for their mates….

The Frozen Lago Bianco , one can go ice skating on it in winters :)


Its the place where everything , the holz houses , the silver forests  , the Red trains , the people greeting you with gruezi and Buna Sera (here the speak Reto Romanisch) , the tunnels , the streets , the air- everything to me feels like chocolate ..incredible sweet and adorable ! 🙂 (And of course because its the Chocolate Nation)
Forgive me if i am acting too dumb ..but everything to me really looks like chocolate !
At one side, I m almost dazed with the magnificence i experience and on the other side, I am beginning to understand myself and both my countries ( <3 <3 ) more and more….
Next time i would like to tell you about my school here (and there) and my other adventures…

Till then..
Tschuess 🙂
Bis Bald 🙂
Have a nice time , wherever you are 🙂