YFU Switzerland

Last month and Niagara falls

Hi guys, sorry it took me so long to finally write an update again! I can’t believe, how fast time goes! In one week I am already going to be on my way back, so this is maybe going to be one of my (or my) last update. Anyway, there happened a lot in the last few weeks. First, we had a lot of Track meets and in the JV Meet at the end I even got my first two medals! I got second with my 3200 relay team and 3rd in the 3200m run. Also my host family took me to Niagara Falls for Senior Skip Day and the following weekend. They were awesome! And because it was sunny and the falls are so powerful that there is always so much water in the air, there was a beautyful rainbow. In general the whole trip was amazing and I am so thankful to my host family to show this to me! A week later, on the 26. May we had our last day of school (We exchange students count as seniors and get out like them two weeks earlier then the others). So on our last day all seniors spent the day on the parking lot in front of the school and just chilled with their friends. Afterwards we had a shaving cream fight on a football field and it was awesome! The next week there was Laurens birthday and we went to get a pedicure and then we went kayaking in Lansing. It was so much fun! The next day was graduation and I felt like in a high school movie. Everyone (student and teacher) was wearing the cap and grown and we were sitting in a square of chairs and each row went down to the stage by itself. Then each person was announced and walked across the stage and got their diploma and shook some hands. The following day it was Laurens open house, which is just an invitation to most of the people you know and a huge set-up of everything you achieved by now like team participations, etc. and there is a lot of food. The people normally also give you money for college. And last saturday it was my goodbye party with my friends already, because I won’t have time to do it later. I just invited my close friends and we had a pool party and played some volleyball and took pictures, etc. It was a lot of fun and I am so grateful that I met them all! Thank you guys! And on friday my host dad takes a friend of mine and me to Mackinaw and the UP to show me this part of Michigan before I leave. I am so excited for that, I can’t wait! It is going to be awesome! I think, that is pretty much everything you missed. I hope you all have a great time. A big thank you to everyone who supported me this year and made it possible that I would have this great experience! Especially my real and my host family: THANK YOU! And also to all my friends: Thanks! I love all of you! Bye