YFU Switzerland

Santa Lucia

I didn’t have written for a long time. So let’s start wíth the lucia! It was organized by the YFU. Well,  the day started nice. It was a warm day, too warm for december. It was on the 12, but Lucia is actually on the 13! First we went to my area represententive, there we ate a lot. There were so many cookies and cakes and different kinds of glögg (of course no alcohol 😉 ) and julmust. Julmust looks like coke, but it smells not at all like coke! Glögg is like „Glühwein“. We had pepparkakor and many other things. They also have a piano, so I played a little… 🙂

Then we went to the concert. My mom and me. The luciaconcert was so sweet because so many little kids were singing… The lucia wears candles on her head and wears a white dress. I took a lot of pictures, check them out!! I will put some at the end of this post. I enjoyed this day so much!!!!! <3 IMG_1887 IMG_1927 IMG_1954