YFU Switzerland

Where did the time go?

Hejhej allihop,

There passed again 15 Days, a Little more than two weeks…
There didn’t happen a lot, I was happy most of the time.
Since 12th of october, I have a boyfriend.
He makes me happy everyday, hhhhhhhh my love 🙂

Something about Emma, my bestie.
We did once more a lot of funny stuff,

like riding on one bike together:

Well, there is nothing to say, it was just so funnnn hahahahaha 😀

What I also did with her, when we two were at UNO: we were outside like 3 hours and just singing and dancing the whole time. And all people thought probably, that we were drunk, but we had just one of the best time of our Life :D. There was a homeless woman, and she started dancing with me. It was so fun hahahahaha.

Then I was a lot with my boyfriend the last Days, his family is very nice <3

The last four Days I was at Lucas‘ house (he is an Exchange student from brasil). I was there, because my hostfamily was in Italy and I am not allowed to sleep at my home, if no adult is there (, or something like that xD). So I was there and they live a Little bit on the countryside. On friday, I went to city, first half an hour bike and then half an hour bus. But I really enjoyed to ride the bike, it felt a Little bit like I am back home in Switzerland… 🙂

So, talk to you Another time,

love y’all <3