YFU Switzerland

Another Thing about life in Karlstad, Sweden

Hejhej allihop,

Last week happened so much, I didn’t have time to tell about it haha 😀

So, the week was actually quite normal, but a lot of People ask me how Life is, so I just tell you a Little bit. Well, I went everyday to School (first week, I was everyday punctual!!) I am so proud of that! 🙂 I think, that I now really get used to Sweden. I am getting a Feeling for time, and I feel, like my Life is really starting here! I can let my things from Switzerland behind me.

I also started singing the whole time, when I am listening to Music. That means, I am a lot happy. 🙂 Almost always smiling……. 😀

Last Weekend happened lot. On Friday I was out with Emma <3 . My BABE :D!    She’s so nice. At Eleven in the evening, there was a big white car (like a camping car) at stora torget. Inside you could get Kanelbullar and coffee for free… 🙂 Later, we went to my house and there we had some girlstalk.

On Saturday evening I went with a friend to Burger King. Suddenly, when I was eating, I heard something that fell on the ground. I looked in the direction, where that Sound came from. And there was a man laying on the ground. My friends and me ran to him. Some of my friends were hysteric, others didn’t know what to do. I was the only one, who stayed calm and knew what to do. I told them to call the ambulance. Next we put him on the side and I hold his head a Little bit up, that his breathing ways were opened. As the ambulance came and he woke up, he didn’t remeber anything… That was so tough…….

In the evening I got home and my brother had some friends at his house. When I entered the door, there was no lights on, but everyone was hiding, except on who was Walking around with a binocular hahahahahah 😀 WTF?!!

On Sunday was the PAO (Post Arrival orientation). yeah 😀

kram, Joy