YFU Switzerland

Week 39

Hejhej allihop,

That week went super fast and there happened actually not a lot. I met some new guys and got new friends :). They are all so funny. I am actually really enjoying life.
Here, in Karlstad, is like a „Youth Club“, which is called UNO. There i met a guy and I started talking to him. We talked about a lot of things and somehow, we started talking about doing a Karaoke. We spoke to the Manager of UNO and he said that he would support us, if we do that!! 😀
Same evening, i did a list, which is four pages Long with Songs… 🙂
We will do a Karaoke evening probably in one or two weeks… 😀

Yesterday was a very nice day! (Or evening!!! :D) In the afternoon Caisa came to my house and she did my hair and my Makeup. My mom came in the room and said „You look as beautiful as an angel.“ And i felt really gorgeous 🙂 At this place: Tack Caisa <3! :)) It was so fun to get ready for the Party and it was quite nice if someone does your Makeup and your hair 🙂 IMG_2265

Then we went to Subway and ate super great tasty Sandwiches 😀 After that we got into the bus and drove one hour to Säffle. There was a homeparty at a friends house 🙂 When we arrived in Säffle we had to wait for her friend.IMG_2263Her friend, Henrik, drove us to her friends house. There the others waited already for us… 🙂 We had a lot of fun and kinda danced the whole night. They were really as crazy as I am! If u don’t know what I mean, then watch the Video 😀