YFU Switzerland

Week 38

Hejhej allihop,

Already a week over :0 time goes shitty fast!
Monday was very nice, I came to Digital skapande (which I would have had from 8.30 to 11.00) and waited with all the others for half an hour. After the waiting time, we found out that the teacher was sick… What a mess, because it’s my favorite subject. :/
So I went home again. I played guitar the whole morning and in addition I went to Burger House for lunch with the other Exchange Students. aaaah, the Bacon cheese burger is as good as heaven ! 😀
After two hours of swedish class, I met a friend, Caisa, at mitticitty. We bought some nice MakeUp stuff and had Fika afterwards. We bought some freshly made Donuts… DELICIOUS!! *-*

On tuesday I had physical education. And I did for one hour kickboxing. That was freeky exhausting, but a Kind of Sport I could imagine doing regularly! In the afternoon we had no classes, that was so nice!

Next day I was sick, because I couldn’t sleep the whole night because I thought when I lay down that I have to throw up.. :/
In the afternoon I was good again and so boooooored. That’s why I learned to Play this song that u can look at in my Video. And I am pretty sure, that everyone of u guys knows this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72mX3aBOp70 🙂

On thursday, was my last School day of the week! We finished even one hour earlier, than it was written on the schedule. Because it was raining so hard and that was why we couldn’t go out and take photos.

On friday, Emma, an Exchange Student from Italy, came to my house and we baked together some blueberry Muffins. They were so delicious… 🙂 That’s me and Emma 😀IMG_2074But I didn’t eat a lot of them, because my nice Little brother had a small gaming home Party with his friends. That was SO WEIRD! All his friends brought their own Computers from their home and then the living room got a gaming room.

IMG_2072I was so happy that there was „Kulturnatt“ on that evening!! (it is like „Museumsnacht“ in Switzerland. There are almost all Museums opened…) Emma and me went to subway for Dinner and then we went to UNO (UNO is Kind of a youth Meeting Point). Inside there was a concert, where different youth artists played their Songs… Most of the songs were Metall, but it was really good. But from time to time I had to free my head from that bass inside there :DD Outside was a small DJ stage and the DJs were playing EDM… That remembered me to the EDM Festivals I went. Check out this page: https://www.facebook.com/davidbachettiofficial?fref=ts (he is one of the most talented DJs I know, and he kinda invented the EDM Parties in Berne :)) ). And when I am already doing some surreptitious Advertising, then I should carry on! 😉 Check also out: https://www.facebook.com/JUST0BEAT?fref=ts he is a really good friend and a DJ, too 🙂 I want to Support him wherever I can. Btw. Hi, hedgehog 😉 <3
So, let’s go on… 😀 Outside: me, my friends and some strangers built a cirkle. And in the middle where always one or two People dancing. So, there I got knowing some new People. (now I can call them friends :)). It was so fun ‚cuz they thought that I am 19 and studying at the University (thanks God for my nice red lipstick 😀 ). MakeUp can make such a big difference!! 😀
Well, in the end I took all the courage I had, and went with one of my friends in the middle of the cirkle and began shuffling… But this „nice“ Moment was only for some seconds, because the DJ stopped doing Music because it was 11pm… -.- (I don’t know if this Shuffle was nice or just embarrassing, but Nevermind. I had fun and that’s all what matters). Then Emma, me and the three guys went inside and just talked. It was so nice that People really cared for me. 🙂 Here are some Videos and Pictures (and as you see there was a funny man dancing. So no one had to feel embarrassed when he/she was dancing :D) IMG_2084

The next evening, they asked me if I wanted to hang out with them and I said, of course, YES! 😀 That was the first time People asked me if i want to hang out with them. Since I came here, it was always the other way around: I had to ask People if I could join them!!

Well, now I am home, because today I went picking mushrooms with my parents. And we got a lot of them!! 🙂 Being into the Woods remembered me to home. But the forests here are definately more beautiful :))


Talk to you in a week <3

Kram. xoxo