YFU Switzerland


Today I went with some exchangestudents, my brother and his friends to Liseberg (It’s a rollercoaster park like „Europapark“). I was hanging in the Park with Lucas, Paula, Sabrina and Mats. The Park is compared to Europapark very small, but it’s nice! We couldn’t go on that many rollercoasters, but I can tell you about the Rollercoasters we went! First we went on „Mechanica“. It’s like „Star Dancer“ (Rollercoaster at BEA; Exposition at the place where I lived in Switzerland). So there are 6 arms, formed like a star and on each arm can sit some People. But that you understand what it is exactly: http://liseberg.com/…/Am…/Rides–Attractions/Mechanica-2015/
Then we went on a water rollercoaster! You see it on the Picture: it’s the one, where I sit in front. There is also one like this at Europapark… In case you wonder, why it Looks so narrow: there were only 4 People allowed in one trunk. But we wanted to have fun all together! So just all 5 hopped in! We are really bad kids, huh? 😀

I sat in front and I got so wet!! 😀 Even my bra was wet all over 😉
Then we went on a wooden Rollercoaster and I got so scared on this one. Because it remembered me to the „Wodan“ in Europapark and there I got scared so much, because it really hurt!!! :/ But this one here in Sweden was so fun and so great… 😀
You can see a photo of us on the rollercoaster, where I am sitting alone and my hair Looks like a flame :’D
Then we went on one called „Helix“. There were three Boosters and a lot of Loopings. It was way better than the „Blue Fire“ in Europapark… I really loved this one!! <3 IMG_1881 IMG_1883 IMG_1885 IMG_1890 IMG_1891 IMG_1894Then, we went on the AtmosFear. You got really high and I got so scared of the height… And when we were on the top, there was a Counter down from six. But at four you were falling… And you were really in the „Freefall“. That was very nice. (Better explanation: http://liseberg.com/…/Amuseme…/Rides–Attractions/AtmosFear/). Then soon we had to leave for going home and we all ate a BurgerKing.
I really loved this day and I wanted to say „Thanks“. You guys are so funny. You made my day unforgettable!