YFU Switzerland

Woche 34-36

Hej ;**
ooh, time goes fast. (I decided now to do my blog in English, so that everyone can read it, even my Exchange friends! 🙂 )
Already a month over, Since I wrote my last blog. And there happened a lot of things! My father showed me the City in Week 34. And we went also by bike to my School… Because we had a Meeting with the principal. I could choose a subject, and I choose „Dig Skap 1“. that is called in english „digital drawings“ (i am not sure actually :D). But I had it once and I love it!! I’m in the Mediaprogram. And I really love that program!! I have things like „Media Production“..! Umm, but before I tell to much about School, the School started on Thursday.
My room looked just really colorless when I came here, so my Dad and I went to some Shops on wednesday. Of course also to IKEA!!! I got some flowers, a clock, a big Picture (I looooove the Picture, because it’s in different shades of blue. On the Picture is a sailing boat on the water…) and I also got a mirror. (very important for Girls 😉 ).
And wednesday went really fast over, and it was already thursday! Everyone asked me if I was nervous and excited or stressed… But I was happy, because I started grew lonely in my room. On thursday we went to the Aula, it was so big and so many People inside. The teachers talked and talked and talked and I thought they would NEVER stop. It actually always sounded the same, because I didn’t get anything! After what felt like eternity, the head teacher started to tell the classes and the students of the class. When I heard my class, half of the places in the Aula was already empty.
My Mentor is called Patrick. He is very nice. He always tries to explain it to me in english but it’s in the end Swinglish (Mix of english and swedish). 😀
A Thing i really like about School: you address everyone informally, even the teachers! And if you come late, it’s not a Problem if you say that the bus was late or that you had to buy Food. If you say that, then it’s always fine. Week 34 I got a date. It was quite nice, actually ;). He’s an Exchange Student from Brasil and actually a really nice guy. ^_^ It’s interesting to see how people from different cultures react together!
He was just in the beginning the only one I could speak with 😀
On Saturday we went waterskiing at the Cottage of my parents. He came with us:D This is him:IMG_1460

Mmh, the next week, School was so lazy! I had per day only 3 Subjects and School started at 8.30  and ended at 14.30. That’s life 😉
Now we are in week 36. And every teacher knows now, that I’m the Exchange Student. The teachers are all so nice to me, some of them even explain the whole learning matter in english at the end of the lesson to me.
Yesterday week 36 started. And I got the subject that I wanted to. DIG SKAP 1! It was so nice. We had to write something about us, what programs we already used (like photoshop, lightroom etc.), a picutre of us and what we wanna learn in this course. I did this and designed it in a beautiful but rectangular view. And I got compliments of the teacher! I was very proud of that! The teacher said „It’s nice to look at with the eyes. Relaxing for your eyes.“ 🙂

Today I got my curler from Switzerland! And I’m so happy that sending packets from CH to SE is so cheap! Soon I will get my skateboard from CH and I’m really looking Forward to that!

I took the transverse flute with me to Sweden. Maybe I will buy a Keyboard. Because I really miss playing the piano!! :/

Well now you just heard the „Chocolate side“ of an Exchange year… Well, in the last time I was from time to time homesick or I got sad or angry on a particular Person. -.- My advice is, like I did always, watch the favorite movie and eat chocolate or just go to SATS (it’s a Fitness Center, where I have a one year subscription). And if your friends have time, hang out with them !!! :‘)

I wish y’all a great day! Enjoy living on this beautiful earth!! <3′

Here some more Pictures from the Meeting with the Exchange students from the Meeting with the Exchange students that live in Värmland (Close to my City). I really love hanging with them around!!! <3IMG_1622 IMG_1629IMG_1631

Kram, bisous, kisses, bjos, müntschiiis whatever. <3