YFU Switzerland

Visiting the Embassy of Sweden in Berne, CH

Hej, I’m Joy and I’m 16 years old… On August, the 12, I’m moving for a year to Sweden, this means I’m leaving the Swiss Alps really soon!

Yesterday we were at the embassy of Sweden. I was so happy about getting to know more about my future… When my Group (with me there are 7 students of CH, who are also going to do an Exchange year in SE) arrived at the building, there was an enormous flag waving… I bet that this flag was about 8 to 3 meters !! Btw. we are doing this Exchange with YFU (Attention:is  this a plag :D?). So there was already waiting the YFU CH Chef, Mr. Krattiger, waiting for us! We went with him into the building and took the lift, because there were no stairs. The lift stopped, the doors opened and we stepped Forward.  There was a Couch, then we went to the door, and we asked us, why there are two doors! You went through the first door, then you nedded to Close it. Then the other door opened and so ,we were in the embassy of SE! 🙂 The ambassador brought us into a room, which looked like an conference room. We took a seat and then he asked us the questions everyone did before him. Like „Why do you go to SE? Do you already have a Family?“ etc… I told him the same sentnces I told to everyone before, but I was really excited! Then we got a lovely map of SE (which is hanging next to my bed now). He showed us some Clips but I could only find one on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7H0HE5US_qg Then he told us about the queen and kings and of course of the wedding!! We could then ask him a lot of questions. I think, we asked him about 2 hours questions!! Then we got a lot of books about SE as a gift! I have e.g. one of history and a cooking book! I really loved this day!