YFU Switzerland

Santa Lucia

I didn’t have written for a long time. So let’s start wíth the lucia! It was organized by the YFU. Well,  the day started nice. It was a warm day, too warm for december. It was on the 12, but Lucia is actually on the 13! First we went to my area represententive, there we ate a lot. There were so many cookies and cakes and different kinds of glögg (of course no alcohol 😉 ) and julmust. Julmust looks like coke, but it smells not at all like coke! Glögg is like „Glühwein“. We had pepparkakor and many other things. They also have a piano, so I played a little… 🙂

Then we went to the concert. My mom and me. The luciaconcert was so sweet because so many little kids were singing… The lucia wears candles on her head and wears a white dress. I took a lot of pictures, check them out!! I will put some at the end of this post. I enjoyed this day so much!!!!! <3 IMG_1887 IMG_1927 IMG_1954

Where did the time go?

Hejhej allihop,

There passed again 15 Days, a Little more than two weeks…
There didn’t happen a lot, I was happy most of the time.
Since 12th of october, I have a boyfriend.
He makes me happy everyday, hhhhhhhh my love 🙂

Something about Emma, my bestie.
We did once more a lot of funny stuff,

like riding on one bike together:

Well, there is nothing to say, it was just so funnnn hahahahaha 😀

What I also did with her, when we two were at UNO: we were outside like 3 hours and just singing and dancing the whole time. And all people thought probably, that we were drunk, but we had just one of the best time of our Life :D. There was a homeless woman, and she started dancing with me. It was so fun hahahahaha.

Then I was a lot with my boyfriend the last Days, his family is very nice <3

The last four Days I was at Lucas‘ house (he is an Exchange student from brasil). I was there, because my hostfamily was in Italy and I am not allowed to sleep at my home, if no adult is there (, or something like that xD). So I was there and they live a Little bit on the countryside. On friday, I went to city, first half an hour bike and then half an hour bus. But I really enjoyed to ride the bike, it felt a Little bit like I am back home in Switzerland… 🙂

So, talk to you Another time,

love y’all <3

Another Thing about life in Karlstad, Sweden

Hejhej allihop,

Last week happened so much, I didn’t have time to tell about it haha 😀

So, the week was actually quite normal, but a lot of People ask me how Life is, so I just tell you a Little bit. Well, I went everyday to School (first week, I was everyday punctual!!) I am so proud of that! 🙂 I think, that I now really get used to Sweden. I am getting a Feeling for time, and I feel, like my Life is really starting here! I can let my things from Switzerland behind me.

I also started singing the whole time, when I am listening to Music. That means, I am a lot happy. 🙂 Almost always smiling……. 😀

Last Weekend happened lot. On Friday I was out with Emma <3 . My BABE :D!    She’s so nice. At Eleven in the evening, there was a big white car (like a camping car) at stora torget. Inside you could get Kanelbullar and coffee for free… 🙂 Later, we went to my house and there we had some girlstalk.

On Saturday evening I went with a friend to Burger King. Suddenly, when I was eating, I heard something that fell on the ground. I looked in the direction, where that Sound came from. And there was a man laying on the ground. My friends and me ran to him. Some of my friends were hysteric, others didn’t know what to do. I was the only one, who stayed calm and knew what to do. I told them to call the ambulance. Next we put him on the side and I hold his head a Little bit up, that his breathing ways were opened. As the ambulance came and he woke up, he didn’t remeber anything… That was so tough…….

In the evening I got home and my brother had some friends at his house. When I entered the door, there was no lights on, but everyone was hiding, except on who was Walking around with a binocular hahahahahah 😀 WTF?!!

On Sunday was the PAO (Post Arrival orientation). yeah 😀

kram, Joy

Blood Moon in Sweden


Short update:

Last night I stood the whole night awake to see the blood Moon.As you know, that happens very rare. I Think last time, it happened 30 years ago 😮
The Blood Moon impressed me alot, and that´s why I want to share it with you!Bloodmoon
Of course I took some Pictures and I just edited them in Photoshop. 🙂
(© Joy Würsten)

That was already everything I wanted to talk about!
Wish you a great start in your week <3




Week 39

Hejhej allihop,

That week went super fast and there happened actually not a lot. I met some new guys and got new friends :). They are all so funny. I am actually really enjoying life.
Here, in Karlstad, is like a „Youth Club“, which is called UNO. There i met a guy and I started talking to him. We talked about a lot of things and somehow, we started talking about doing a Karaoke. We spoke to the Manager of UNO and he said that he would support us, if we do that!! 😀
Same evening, i did a list, which is four pages Long with Songs… 🙂
We will do a Karaoke evening probably in one or two weeks… 😀

Yesterday was a very nice day! (Or evening!!! :D) In the afternoon Caisa came to my house and she did my hair and my Makeup. My mom came in the room and said „You look as beautiful as an angel.“ And i felt really gorgeous 🙂 At this place: Tack Caisa <3! :)) It was so fun to get ready for the Party and it was quite nice if someone does your Makeup and your hair 🙂 IMG_2265

Then we went to Subway and ate super great tasty Sandwiches 😀 After that we got into the bus and drove one hour to Säffle. There was a homeparty at a friends house 🙂 When we arrived in Säffle we had to wait for her friend.IMG_2263Her friend, Henrik, drove us to her friends house. There the others waited already for us… 🙂 We had a lot of fun and kinda danced the whole night. They were really as crazy as I am! If u don’t know what I mean, then watch the Video 😀



Week 38

Hejhej allihop,

Already a week over :0 time goes shitty fast!
Monday was very nice, I came to Digital skapande (which I would have had from 8.30 to 11.00) and waited with all the others for half an hour. After the waiting time, we found out that the teacher was sick… What a mess, because it’s my favorite subject. :/
So I went home again. I played guitar the whole morning and in addition I went to Burger House for lunch with the other Exchange Students. aaaah, the Bacon cheese burger is as good as heaven ! 😀
After two hours of swedish class, I met a friend, Caisa, at mitticitty. We bought some nice MakeUp stuff and had Fika afterwards. We bought some freshly made Donuts… DELICIOUS!! *-*

On tuesday I had physical education. And I did for one hour kickboxing. That was freeky exhausting, but a Kind of Sport I could imagine doing regularly! In the afternoon we had no classes, that was so nice!

Next day I was sick, because I couldn’t sleep the whole night because I thought when I lay down that I have to throw up.. :/
In the afternoon I was good again and so boooooored. That’s why I learned to Play this song that u can look at in my Video. And I am pretty sure, that everyone of u guys knows this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72mX3aBOp70 🙂

On thursday, was my last School day of the week! We finished even one hour earlier, than it was written on the schedule. Because it was raining so hard and that was why we couldn’t go out and take photos.

On friday, Emma, an Exchange Student from Italy, came to my house and we baked together some blueberry Muffins. They were so delicious… 🙂 That’s me and Emma 😀IMG_2074But I didn’t eat a lot of them, because my nice Little brother had a small gaming home Party with his friends. That was SO WEIRD! All his friends brought their own Computers from their home and then the living room got a gaming room.

IMG_2072I was so happy that there was „Kulturnatt“ on that evening!! (it is like „Museumsnacht“ in Switzerland. There are almost all Museums opened…) Emma and me went to subway for Dinner and then we went to UNO (UNO is Kind of a youth Meeting Point). Inside there was a concert, where different youth artists played their Songs… Most of the songs were Metall, but it was really good. But from time to time I had to free my head from that bass inside there :DD Outside was a small DJ stage and the DJs were playing EDM… That remembered me to the EDM Festivals I went. Check out this page: https://www.facebook.com/davidbachettiofficial?fref=ts (he is one of the most talented DJs I know, and he kinda invented the EDM Parties in Berne :)) ). And when I am already doing some surreptitious Advertising, then I should carry on! 😉 Check also out: https://www.facebook.com/JUST0BEAT?fref=ts he is a really good friend and a DJ, too 🙂 I want to Support him wherever I can. Btw. Hi, hedgehog 😉 <3
So, let’s go on… 😀 Outside: me, my friends and some strangers built a cirkle. And in the middle where always one or two People dancing. So, there I got knowing some new People. (now I can call them friends :)). It was so fun ‚cuz they thought that I am 19 and studying at the University (thanks God for my nice red lipstick 😀 ). MakeUp can make such a big difference!! 😀
Well, in the end I took all the courage I had, and went with one of my friends in the middle of the cirkle and began shuffling… But this „nice“ Moment was only for some seconds, because the DJ stopped doing Music because it was 11pm… -.- (I don’t know if this Shuffle was nice or just embarrassing, but Nevermind. I had fun and that’s all what matters). Then Emma, me and the three guys went inside and just talked. It was so nice that People really cared for me. 🙂 Here are some Videos and Pictures (and as you see there was a funny man dancing. So no one had to feel embarrassed when he/she was dancing :D) IMG_2084

The next evening, they asked me if I wanted to hang out with them and I said, of course, YES! 😀 That was the first time People asked me if i want to hang out with them. Since I came here, it was always the other way around: I had to ask People if I could join them!!

Well, now I am home, because today I went picking mushrooms with my parents. And we got a lot of them!! 🙂 Being into the Woods remembered me to home. But the forests here are definately more beautiful :))


Talk to you in a week <3

Kram. xoxo



Today I went with some exchangestudents, my brother and his friends to Liseberg (It’s a rollercoaster park like „Europapark“). I was hanging in the Park with Lucas, Paula, Sabrina and Mats. The Park is compared to Europapark very small, but it’s nice! We couldn’t go on that many rollercoasters, but I can tell you about the Rollercoasters we went! First we went on „Mechanica“. It’s like „Star Dancer“ (Rollercoaster at BEA; Exposition at the place where I lived in Switzerland). So there are 6 arms, formed like a star and on each arm can sit some People. But that you understand what it is exactly: http://liseberg.com/…/Am…/Rides–Attractions/Mechanica-2015/
Then we went on a water rollercoaster! You see it on the Picture: it’s the one, where I sit in front. There is also one like this at Europapark… In case you wonder, why it Looks so narrow: there were only 4 People allowed in one trunk. But we wanted to have fun all together! So just all 5 hopped in! We are really bad kids, huh? 😀

I sat in front and I got so wet!! 😀 Even my bra was wet all over 😉
Then we went on a wooden Rollercoaster and I got so scared on this one. Because it remembered me to the „Wodan“ in Europapark and there I got scared so much, because it really hurt!!! :/ But this one here in Sweden was so fun and so great… 😀
You can see a photo of us on the rollercoaster, where I am sitting alone and my hair Looks like a flame :’D
Then we went on one called „Helix“. There were three Boosters and a lot of Loopings. It was way better than the „Blue Fire“ in Europapark… I really loved this one!! <3 IMG_1881 IMG_1883 IMG_1885 IMG_1890 IMG_1891 IMG_1894Then, we went on the AtmosFear. You got really high and I got so scared of the height… And when we were on the top, there was a Counter down from six. But at four you were falling… And you were really in the „Freefall“. That was very nice. (Better explanation: http://liseberg.com/…/Amuseme…/Rides–Attractions/AtmosFear/). Then soon we had to leave for going home and we all ate a BurgerKing.
I really loved this day and I wanted to say „Thanks“. You guys are so funny. You made my day unforgettable!


Woche 34-36

Hej ;**
ooh, time goes fast. (I decided now to do my blog in English, so that everyone can read it, even my Exchange friends! 🙂 )
Already a month over, Since I wrote my last blog. And there happened a lot of things! My father showed me the City in Week 34. And we went also by bike to my School… Because we had a Meeting with the principal. I could choose a subject, and I choose „Dig Skap 1“. that is called in english „digital drawings“ (i am not sure actually :D). But I had it once and I love it!! I’m in the Mediaprogram. And I really love that program!! I have things like „Media Production“..! Umm, but before I tell to much about School, the School started on Thursday.
My room looked just really colorless when I came here, so my Dad and I went to some Shops on wednesday. Of course also to IKEA!!! I got some flowers, a clock, a big Picture (I looooove the Picture, because it’s in different shades of blue. On the Picture is a sailing boat on the water…) and I also got a mirror. (very important for Girls 😉 ).
And wednesday went really fast over, and it was already thursday! Everyone asked me if I was nervous and excited or stressed… But I was happy, because I started grew lonely in my room. On thursday we went to the Aula, it was so big and so many People inside. The teachers talked and talked and talked and I thought they would NEVER stop. It actually always sounded the same, because I didn’t get anything! After what felt like eternity, the head teacher started to tell the classes and the students of the class. When I heard my class, half of the places in the Aula was already empty.
My Mentor is called Patrick. He is very nice. He always tries to explain it to me in english but it’s in the end Swinglish (Mix of english and swedish). 😀
A Thing i really like about School: you address everyone informally, even the teachers! And if you come late, it’s not a Problem if you say that the bus was late or that you had to buy Food. If you say that, then it’s always fine. Week 34 I got a date. It was quite nice, actually ;). He’s an Exchange Student from Brasil and actually a really nice guy. ^_^ It’s interesting to see how people from different cultures react together!
He was just in the beginning the only one I could speak with 😀
On Saturday we went waterskiing at the Cottage of my parents. He came with us:D This is him:IMG_1460

Mmh, the next week, School was so lazy! I had per day only 3 Subjects and School started at 8.30  and ended at 14.30. That’s life 😉
Now we are in week 36. And every teacher knows now, that I’m the Exchange Student. The teachers are all so nice to me, some of them even explain the whole learning matter in english at the end of the lesson to me.
Yesterday week 36 started. And I got the subject that I wanted to. DIG SKAP 1! It was so nice. We had to write something about us, what programs we already used (like photoshop, lightroom etc.), a picutre of us and what we wanna learn in this course. I did this and designed it in a beautiful but rectangular view. And I got compliments of the teacher! I was very proud of that! The teacher said „It’s nice to look at with the eyes. Relaxing for your eyes.“ 🙂

Today I got my curler from Switzerland! And I’m so happy that sending packets from CH to SE is so cheap! Soon I will get my skateboard from CH and I’m really looking Forward to that!

I took the transverse flute with me to Sweden. Maybe I will buy a Keyboard. Because I really miss playing the piano!! :/

Well now you just heard the „Chocolate side“ of an Exchange year… Well, in the last time I was from time to time homesick or I got sad or angry on a particular Person. -.- My advice is, like I did always, watch the favorite movie and eat chocolate or just go to SATS (it’s a Fitness Center, where I have a one year subscription). And if your friends have time, hang out with them !!! :‘)

I wish y’all a great day! Enjoy living on this beautiful earth!! <3′

Here some more Pictures from the Meeting with the Exchange students from the Meeting with the Exchange students that live in Värmland (Close to my City). I really love hanging with them around!!! <3IMG_1622 IMG_1629IMG_1631

Kram, bisous, kisses, bjos, müntschiiis whatever. <3


Abschied und Camp :)

Hejhej :))
Letzten Mittwoch fuhren mich meine Eltern zum Flughafen Zürich-Kloten. Ich war sehr aufgeregt und freute mich sehr. Am Flughafen warteten die anderen Schweizer, welche mit mir nach Schweden fliegen würden, auf mich. Mir fiel der Abschied nicht sehr schwer, da ich endlich nach Schweden wollte :D. Für meine Eltern war es schwieriger… Doch sie freuten sich ebenfalls für mich und wünschten mir einen guten Flug… 🙂
Wir Austauschschüler checkten ein und liefen zusammen zum Gate. Kaum waren wir beim Gate angekommen, wurde uns die Verspätung des Fluges angekündigt. Nach 40 Minuten Verspätung konnten wir endlich in den Flieger einsteigen und dann ging es schon los :D.
Nach 3h Flug kamen wir in Stockholm an. Dort warteten wir auf unser Gepäck und wurden danach freundlich von Volunteers von YFU Sweden empfangen. Sie boten uns Früchte und Getränke an, da wir eine Stunde auf den Van warten mussten, welcher uns abholen und zum Camp bringen würde…
Als das Auto da war, hatte es zu wenig Platz, also blieben Sabrina und ich noch am Flughafen und warteten auf die nächste Mitfahrgelegenheit. Nach 20min. langen Wartens kamen Austauschschüler von Holland :). Mit Ihnen ging die restliche Wartezeit doppelt so schnell vorbei…
Als wir ins Auto stiegen, schwedische Musik hörten und los fuhren, wurde mir bewusst, dass ich mich für das Richtige entschieden hatte. Ich liebte die Leute, ich liebte die Landschaft, ich liebte einfach alles! 🙂
Als wir im Camp ankamen, war es schon sehr spät. D.h. wir hatten das Nachtessen verpasst… Mist -.-‚
Die Volunteers improvisierten für uns: sie kochten Köttbular und Pasta :). Das war sooooo lecker! Und viel besser als in IKEA :))
Am nächsten Tag ass ich das erste mal Fika. Es ist so wie bei uns Schweizern das „Kafichränzli“. Man isst Kuchen und trinkt dazu etwas, meist Kaffee ;).IMG_1407Der Kuchen war wirklich so grün wie auf dem Foto! Aber er war super lecker! Wir assen jeden Nachmittag im Camp Fika :). Das Camp dauerte von Mittwoch bis Samstagmittag. Wir hatten Sessions zu verschiedenen Themen, wie zum Beispiel „School“ oder „Contact home“. Ausserdem spielten wir auch viele Spiele, sowie einen Wettbewerb :D. Der Wettbewerb bestand aus verschiedenen Aufgaben. Bei einer Aufgabe mussten wir zum Beispiel die Nationalhymne singen und dazu eine Choreo einstudieren :D.
Die Zeit verging wie im Flug und plötzlich war schon Samstag! Wir putzten und spielten den ganzen Morgen Spiele. Ich wurde von Minute zu Minute aufgeregter und konnte es kaum erwarten, meine Familie zu sehen…
Um Punkt 12 wurde uns angekündigt, dass sich auf der anderen Seite vom Haus alle Gastfamilien versammelt hätten! 😀 Nun sprinteten manche los, andere waren nervös und unsicher, schlenderten gemütlich zur anderen Seite des Hauses. Ich lief gemütlich. Auf der anderen Seite des Hauses, war viel los. Alle sprachen miteinander und es hatte so viele Leute, dass es einige Zeit brauchte bis ich meine Mom fand. Sie war so nett, wie ich mir gedacht hatte 🙂
Wir gingen mir ihrer Tochter Johanna (meiner Schwester) in Stockholm essen und gingen anschliessend auf den Schnellzug nach Karlstad. Dort holte uns Pontus, mein Dad, ab.
Ihre Wohnung liegt ziemlich zentral in der Stadt. Mein Zimmer ist in weiss und sie sagten mir, dass wir bald ins Ikea fahren und ich alles so einrichten darf, wie es mir gefällt 🙂 Mein Bruder Jens ist toll, obwohl er ein totaler Computer Freak ist und die ganze Nacht Videospiele spielt. 😀 Wir haben den gleichen Humor…
Gestern Abend war noch ein David Guetta Konzert in der Stadt. Wir gingen zum Fluss und hörten der Musik zu.

Heute gehen wir Wasserski fahren. Dafür müssen wir eine Stunde zu ihrem Ferienhaus fahren :). Sie haben 2 Ferienhäuser! Das ist voll cool…
Morgen habe ich einen Termin bei meiner Schule für Fächer, welche ich wählen muss. Ich bin momentan im Social Program mit Schwerpunkt auf Medien 🙂

Jag älskar svenska <3


Abschied der schweizer Berge


Gestern waren mein Freund, meine Eltern und ich auf dem Giferspitz. Wir waren satte 6h. unterwegs, davon ca. eine Stunde Pause. Aber beginnen wir am Besten mit dem Anfang! 😉

Wir standen um sieben Uhr in der früh‘ auf und assen – noch schlafbetrunken – unser Müesli. Um 8:30 Uhr sind wir vom Wasserngrat Richtung Giferspitz losgewandert.

Für jene, die ein Ass in Geografie sind: Der Giferspitz liegt in der Nähe von Gstaad und von der Wasserngrat-Talstation bis zum Giferspitz sind es ca. 1’200 Höhenmeter.

Am Morgen hatte ich überhaupt keine Lust und nörgelte… Dennich wollte von Anfang an nicht wandern gehen. Doch nach kurzer Zeit, realisierte ich (in meinem Unterbewusstsein), dass es wohl die letzte Bergwanderung sein wird, bevor ich nach Schweden gehen & mein Abenteuer beginnen werde! Deshalb begann‘ ich alles zu geniessen. Jedoch dachte ich, dass ich es niemals bis ganz nach oben schaffen würde! Doch als ich den Wanderwegweiser mit der Aufschrift sah, wurden meine Schritte schneller, denn nach 3h musste ich jetzt nur noch 20 min. laufen!

imageAls ich oben ankam, wurde ich mit der atemberaubenden Aussicht belohnt! Seht selbst!! Ausserdem sahen wir einige Gemsen!

Beim Heruntergehen realisierte ich, dass dies vermutlich das letzte Mal sein wird, wo ich in den Schweizer Bergen wandern gehe und die schmackhafte Gstaader-Luft einatmen darf!

Ein Austauschjahr bedeutet schliesslich auch, dass alte Bekannte hinter sich zu lassen und das neue Unbekannte zu erkundigen!

Auf jeden Fall freue ich mich jetzt schon auf Schweden und kann es kaum erwarten dorthin zu reisen. Ausserdem hoffe ich, dass ich möglichst bald eine Gastfamilie bekomme! Denn es geht nur noch einen Monat bis zum 12. August! 😍


Noch einen schönen Abend ☺️