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Exchange student

Hallo Leute, I find the next text in portuguese on the internet and I’d like to share in, because is really good haha


„To be an exchange student is to be born again, it’s to begin everything from zero. It’s to miss something or someone. It’s to learn taking care of yourself when no one can be there with you. It’s to be hungry and to eat a lot. It’s to walk through the unbelieveble, to know the unknown.

To be an exchange student is to create you and your country. It’s to make any exchanger’s meeting a party. it’s to be always without money and to spend money on useless things. It’s to pass the night counting the cents to see if you can hang out. It’s to get cold and get hot. it’s to be a reason of jokes and to tell jokes.

To be an exchange students is to wear ridiculous clothes, I am a foreigner, anywazys. It’s to sham as you don’t understand the language. but also act as you understand everything for your „new friends“. It’s to have  crazy stories to tell. it’s to think that just you are normal and that the world belongs to you.

To be an exchange student is to wish knowing the world with a backpack. it’s to miss the most stupid things, the most simple foods, the most loved people. it’s to cry a entire day and to laugh without stoping. It’s to hear that you dont‘ go out and when you go out to hear that you go out too much. it’s to get fat. get skin, suffer and grow up.

To be an exchange student is to learn, because you make mistakes and to try getting better with your weak sides. It’s, in a moment to want to go back home and five minutes later realize that you are home. It’s to be an exchange student, because just who is or was it, know what exchange means.“

                                 Unknown Author