YFU Switzerland

The winter is coming


Yes, it’s coming! And faster than I was wondering. Two importants things about the winter here in Switzerland:

First: It’s extremely cold ( for me, a brasilian boy who his smallest temperature in Brazil is 19 degrees). I thought that it was be worse, but I don’t know how, I am getting it along really good. It’s just autumm, I think in the winter I’ll get a little bit crazy or something… -10, -15 degrees :/ is too cold in my opinion. However I’m good with the cold now, warm coat and stuffs.

and the second thing is… SNOW! That’s my first year that I have snow, the first time that I see snow. This is really perfect. That will be my first christmas with snow! Well, in Brazil we have christmas a little bit like the christmas in Europe, because of our portuguese colonization bla, bla, bla. BUT… in christmas time, in Brazil is a freaking hot summer. Now I’ll have a christmas with snow. Man, you have no ideia how cool is this for me.

Switzerland is realizing part of my hopes and dreams, and this is just the beginning, imagine in the end…. !!!!!