YFU Switzerland

Why Switzerland?

That is one of the questions that I always hear. Everyone wants a reason why I chose here to do my exchange. But actually, I don’t have a reason. Well, I chose here because it was between the options that the representant of YFU in Brazil gave me. To be honest, I’ve never even thought about Switzerland as a possible place to do exchange. Well, I haven’t wanted a country whose english is the oficial language. I wanted to learn another language because I already can speak english (even though my english is a little poor). So I thought a lot about learn french. I thought, actually I think french a really beautiful language and it’d be cool to know it. But there was a problem… unfortunately or fortunately to do exchange with YFU to a country that speak french we ( future exchange students) need to have 2 years of french classes (this is a thing I don’t understand, because for exemple german is more dificult than french and I could come to here with one month of german class) and I… well, I had nothing. Thereby, I looked for another good places to do exchange and one of these places were Switzerland and Holland, but my mother thinks that Holland is too open (hahaha).

I’m just here for 2 months, but I am sure that that was the best choise I could’ve made it, really! I don’t know if it’s because I had lucky or something, but Switzerland is a geil ( it’s a slang in german and I have no ideia how to translate it, but means that something is really really cool) country. People are very helpful and really nice with me. I had lucky with my host familiy.They are really the best. I have a good classe in my school with cool colleagues. I also have chances to learn french since it’s also one of the four oficial languages here, german (I live in this part), french, italian and romansh. The country is beautiful, a lot of moutains and so many cows (really! there’s so much and every cow has a bell that is really annoying). Another thing really good here is: YFU here is really really cool. We have campings and stuffs and almost all the volunteers are young and have done an exchange. this make the relation better, because they can understand us better than anothers.

So I tell you: If you are thinking of doing an exchange you should put Switzerland in your firsts places!