YFU Switzerland

Introdiction – 1st post

Hey There,

I am Joao, I’m 17 years old and I am from Brazil, but now I’m in an exchange year in Switzerland. As I said, I am brazilian. I speak portuguese (althoug a lot of people think that in Brazil we speak spanish or brazilian…), but I will write here in english because I want this blog to be international (people from Brasil that don’t speak english can use the google translate. It is really good for this). I want to write here things that I think interessant and funny about the swiss life and also things that can happen in the life of an exchange student. I am a little bit busy but I pretend to post here 2 or 3 times for month. Another thing that you guys have to know about me: my english isn’t perfect, so probably it will be some mistakes like with the grammar or with words, so I  ask you something : Just ignore it ( but when you don’t understand you can write a comment asking what I mean with some phrase). I will do my best to not make many mistakes.

Well, I don’t have so much things to write here today, but soon I will write a real post (probably tomorrow because I am on vacations). I don’t know the subject of the next post, but probably will be interessant (well, I hope :D) so… you will like to read it.