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Ich habe mich dazu entschieden, hier keine Blogposts mehr zu posten. Wenn du Interesse hast, meinen Blog zu lesen, kannst du gerne auf meinen privaten Blog gehen. 

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What happened until now

I’ve written blogs about the school in England and the arrival camp. But I haven’t written anything about the things I’ve done here outside of school.
When I arrived in Leighton Buzzard, we had about 2 weeks of holidays. Those 2 weeks were a good opportunity to get to know my new family and the place I would live in the next 10 months. While we didn’t have school, Asha (host mom) showed us the way to school and back. A few days later, Alina (host sister) and I walked to the centre on our own to explore the shops and stores in Leighton. We were lucky with the weather. Until now it has rained only a few times.  (more…)

My first days at school

Three weeks ago I arrived in Leighton Buzzard. After long days of excitement I finally had my first day of school on Wednesday. I was (slightly) terrified. W O W . Never would I have imagined school to be like that. Especially because of how my school was in Switzerland. It’s the absolute opposite. (more…)

My first blog post – arrival and camp

Hey there.

Four days have passed since I’ve started my exchange year. I wanted to write a blog post before I leave but well, that didn’t happen. It just wasn’t as important as other things that I wanted to do before I left Switzerland for almost a year.

Now I live in Leighton Buzzard in a beautiful, cosy house, surrounded by trees and chirps of all kinds of birds. (more…)