YFU Switzerland

It’s been a long time, right?

I know. I’m to blame. I was really busy.


but tonight, I felt like I had to write. To keep track of what happened.


Three months ago, I auditioned for being in my high school’s musical, « Guys and Dolls ». Today was our last show and I can’t tell how painful it is to say that it’s over. It really is. I’ve been every single day after school with these people for at least two months of rehearsals. I’ve grown to love every single one of them, and they all mean the world to me and I will miss every one of their smiles dearly. I will walk in my choir director’s room and cry. Because there is no one but me. No costume, no make-up. Just me, and Women’s choir. No singing, no laughters. No one joking about Big Jule. No one goofying around like Nicely and Benny.

My life is going to feel so empty without all of them.

These people don’t know how much they mean to me. They made this year unforgettable with memories that I will bring with me everywhere, every day, every time for the rest of my lifetime. This musical has seen me grow up as an actress, a singer, a person. It has seen me create friendships that will never break and memories that will never stop crossing my mind. And yes. It is just an high school musical.

That’s why tonight I made a decision. I want to try to put in place a theater program back in Switzerland. I have no idea how — neither do I know if it’ll work. But I want everyone to have the chance to live what I lived. To feel what I felt. To stand where I stood. Because hell yes, it was one of the best part of this year without even hesitating on it. I’ve never loved people as quickly as I loved the cast. All of them. With maybe two exceptions.

I want my country to give our kids the same chance. The same right to live through such an amazing and wonderful experience that is musical theatre and theatre in general. Not only outside of school but giving them the chance to discover it as students. I want them to have the chance to live through those friendships. This social experience that can’t be compared to anything else.

I want to make a change.

My theatre teacher gave me the award of the First American Musical and said that even I was going to be missed next year, I was meant to go home and do great things. And I’m going to prove her right.