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Weeks letter

Hey dear readers!! 🙂

Here I am again with my weekly blog letter! I hope you enjoyed the last ones and that you will also like this one… 😉

This last thursday, the Swedish football national team played against England in Stockholm, for the inauguration of a new big stadium. It was only a celebrating match, but England is a good team and it was however an important match. Facts are that Sweden has won 4-2 (!!!) and all the goals have been made from  Zlatan Ibrahimovic!! Maybe not everyone of you know who he is; he is the best swedish player (maybe not ever, I don’t know…), that actually plays in the French League Paris (Paris Saint German). Not only because he made all the swedish goals he (Ibrahimovic) is now the „God“ for every Swede, but also because the 4th he did on that incredible evening was spectacular!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I don’t care much about football, but you see such „impossible“/fantastic goals I think I can enjoy them and think that it is fun!! 🙂 Yeah, for those that are interested to see all the four swedish goals, copy this link (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pq9CoZCJH3I&feature=related) and paste it in the slash above. 🙂 And enjoy them!! 😉 (I you want just to see the last one, look from the 3 minute and 25 seconds (ca.)). Yes, now, as I sad, for all the Swedes he is „The God“!!! 😉

This weekend was more „quiet“ (I mean without so many outside activities as last weekend…). I relaxed a bit and enjoyed it. I learned that the days without training (where your body rests) are as important as those with… 🙂 so, it is also worth to appreciate them; and so I did…! 🙂 Only on sunday afternoon I had an innebandy match in Malmö. I am happy that I could play more than usual, but anyway I’m not so happy about how the match went (for me and for the team…)… :/

On saturday evening we had many (5) guests and of course a lot of nice and good dinner!! 🙂 As a typical swedish meal, we had fish stew with house made mashed potatoes!! 🙂 After the main menu, we had a plate with many cheeses (also swiss one 😉 ) and as a „sauce“ (to the cheese), we had the fantastic Margrits fig marmalade that I brought from Switzerland!!!! 🙂 I never tried it before (only on bred), but it was a really good combination!! 🙂

Today, att school, our class had to answer to a questionnaire about „our“ swedish family, the school, politics, free time, sports, the commune,… It was a questionnaire to help politicians to understand the situation of students. I got the the swedish politics care a lot about a hight quality of life and that everyone is happy!!! That is certain a good reason why the swedish system and country is so good and advanced.

Since some time, I am looking for an innebandy camps during the christmas holidays; but unfortunately I haven’t found something yet… Here in Sweden, during the christmas holidays they are more used to do cups where you go with the whole teem. There are Innebandy camps but they are more during the autumn and sport breaks or in the summer. I hope to find something, or I’ll looking foreword to participate to such a camp during another holiday…. 🙂

I wish to everyone an enjoyable and pleasant week!

Enjoy the autumn/winter season!!! I hope in snow (it is not sure that we will have snow here in south Sweden… :/ 😉 )

Many greeting to everyone!!