YFU Switzerland

Nice week! :)

Hello everyone!

Yesterday evening I was really happy and proud about my week, so I thought: „tomorrow I’m gonna share it with my blog readers“!! 🙂

The greatest part was the weekend! Let’s start from there. Saturday was a completely normal weekend day, where you sleep longer, do the things that you hadn’t time during the week, homework, make order in your room,… in the evening something relaxing (film/tv…); yes, but beside that we also went for a little bike ride! Nothing unusual, but I was surprised and at the same time happy when Joanna asked me if I wanted to join them; I was surprised because it was one of the rare times that they did something different/else (than just staying and working home, as usually!)!! So I didn’t expected that, but was really happy to do something „different“! 🙂 So we went out in the afternoon for one hour ride in the woods. Because of the persistent bad weather, the route in the woods, was a little slippery and with mud; therefore you had to ride a bit carefully! But otherwise, the woods nature was very varied, colorful and nice! I really appreciated that tour! 🙂 At some point, we arrived in a little, opened place where in the middle was a representation of a ufo. It was a man, that in the 40s had „seen“ (?) a ufo (that was much bigger that the representation) land and that leave again… 🙂 should we believe? I don’t know… 😉 After this mysterious place, we went to a new-built BMX track where, Per and me, had some fun going up and down on the track!! 😀

Sunday morning was quite „normal“, but in the afternoon we had special activities!! 🙂 Per and me, went to a place called „Nimis“. It is a place on the shore were an artist (he is a little crazy…) started to build „his land/his world“… He calls it „Nimis“. His art is a kind of castle only built with wood (that he founded in the woods around or brought with him) and nails. It looks also like an adventure park, where you can climb a little everywhere; but you need to be quite careful where you put your feet, because not every foothold was secure… There is a minor construction that looks like a ruin, built with stones, cement and some old metal scraps. The artist says that this „ruin“ is a book…, in fact on the most stones of the wall, there are numbers that represent the pages of the book… 🙂 Overall it was funny and also impressive (thinking that only one man had done all constructions)! This place was about a 1 hour from Ängelholm (halve with care and than by foot to the shore).

I the late afternoon (on sunday) I also went to the cinema (in swedish it is called „bio“, like our „Bio suisse“ (biological)… 🙂 ). And I went with a girl that I didn’t knew before… but it was good! 🙂 (She is the daughter of one of the many polish Joannas friends). I really appreciated the film (we saw the new James Bond!!) and also the evening was great! 🙂

The weekend ended still better, because before going to bed I tried to play some innebandy, to see if the forearm was still hurting, but it didn’t!!!! 🙂 🙂 So I was more happy, because I could restart the trainings (the week before I skipped all trainings and matches because of the hurting forearm)!! 🙂 And so, yesterday I was back to trainings and it felt good! 🙂 The arm didn’t hurt at all; but I lost a bit the precision of my shots… :-/ So I got a work again on that!! 😉

Last wednesday evening I had a scaring and at the same time funny experience! 😉 Just behind our house (here in Ängelholm), in the woods, there is a little route for jogging and walks that is illuminated the hole night. While I was there for some jogging, all the lights went out!!!!! Suddenly I was completely in the dark!!! (luckily I hadn’t seen a horror film before 😉 ) So I just went slowly back home. Later I learned that the lights went out because of some construction on another road. Hope it will never happen again! 😉

Now I have got some no-speaking but living „friends“ in my room 😉 : I have now tree little green plants (one with flowers)!!! 🙂 I appreciate much to have a colorful room!! 🙂

Finally Per has decided himself  to write a chart with all the houseworks to do… so one of this next evenings we will decide together the tasks for everyone… a bit of discipline is good sometimes!! 🙂 And we men (Michael, Per and me), we have every week two days where we have to prepare dinner… 🙂 That is also good. I’m also want to become a bit more disciplined in my daily schedule… I’also do a chart for myself… because sometimes I have the feeling to have too much „fun“, or to do too much „other things“ and not the important ones…! And I really not like that!! So let’s add some discipline in my life!! 🙂

I wish a nice week to everyone!! Enjoy the autumn! 🙂

Cheers from Sweden!


PS: Pictures about my nice weekend are on my Facebook… You are welcome to have a look! 🙂