YFU Switzerland

Höst (Autumn)! :)

Hey everybody!

It’s nice to write a little bit again! 🙂 Actually I was about to write in swedish, but than I realized that it would be difficult to understand for you my experience here in Sweden…! 😉

Write now I am writing from the student’s room, in Stockholm, of my host-sister (Emilia). I came in the swedish capital on sunday with the plane, from Ängelholm. I will stay here till the end of the holiday. 🙂

With the floorball (unihockey) it is going quite well! 🙂 At the beginning of the year (September), I tried to enter in a „selected-team“ of Skåne (the south Sweden), with the best players born in ’96 and ’95. To be part in this team, we had to pass „3 steps“. After each step the trainers would reduce the team. At the beginning we where 75 players, but at the end only 18-19 players would „survive“! 😉 The fist step concerned tree „afternoon-trainings“ which were „spread up“ in one month. While the other to „selective-steps“ where only one full training-day. After „fighting on“ tree trainings, I managed to passed the first step! 🙂 Actually I didn’t felt that that was an impossible task, but still very difficult! So I am really proud of myself! 🙂 My adventure with the“ top levels of swedish unihockey“ ended after the second step. But I am happy that I gave a try and mostly that I learned much during this trainings! It was also very interesting from a theoretical/tactical point of view; we heard some experiences of unihockey-eliteplayers, about how they trained when they had our age, and so on…! 🙂

Otherwise I have always tree unihockey trainings a week, sometimes some self trainings (like playing by myself in the woods or in the hall… 🙂 ) and than match every weekend… 🙂 At the matches I actually haven’t played much jet: I only play approx. 1 period or less. Thats quite boring for me. Actually I also don’t really get why the trainer has more confidence in other players than me; because I don’t feel to be so worth than other players (or that they are better…); maybe I am wrong and my teem-mades are actually better… I don’t know! :-/ Anyhow I hope to get soon better and especially to give confidence to the trainer so that he will let me play some more… 🙂 But for me it gives me a lot of motivation to train better, to learn more and especially to give my best during the trainings!! 🙂

In the school we had many exams (proves) and big homework (projects) that we had to deliver this last weeks before the autumn break. Actually I didn’t do all, because of my „bad“ swedish… 😉 : I left aside a geography test and both a swedish and society big projects. But in the coming month I will always try to do and participate more… 🙂 The grades are also different than in Switzerland: here the best note is A and the worst is F…

The school food at the canteen isn’t actually so good as in Bellinzona… Also my class mates don’t like it much. Sometimes we say that it is food for a retirement house (for old people)! 😉 But I think that it is good to have a buffet „system“, because you can take so much as you want… 🙂

Then days ago, we had a meeting with other YFU exchange students from Skåne; host families and junior-fathers where also invited. We passed the afternoon in Malmö; first students and families discussed separately; everyone talked a little bit about his experience and mostly how it was going with the respective family… In a second part, all exchange students and all families, sett together and shared a „summary“ about what we complained or what we thought was great! 🙂 I really appreciated to here other both good and bad experiences! 🙂 It was also intriguing to here what the families complained about or found good… because we wandered all what our own host-families sad about us… 😉 Write now, thinking about this, I realize that this feelings come from a real family environment! 🙂

Also in other occasions I feel that the environment with the host-family is really nice… and I like it! 🙂

Here in Skåne the whether is mostly bad… 🙁  😉  Too much rainy and cloudy days! But than when we are lucky and sunny and shining days come, I appreciate them really much (maybe also more than in Ticino… because there I am used to it…)! So I always hope that tomorrow it will be a nice day where the sun will shine… 🙂 Hopefully! 😉

We had also the first little snow and the first freezing days last week… 🙂 I hope that we will have a white whiter here in South sweden! 🙂

If you want to see some photos of me and of the swedish landscape… you are welcome to visit my Facebook page… 🙂

I’m looking forward to write soon! 🙂

Stora kramar och hälsningar till alla!! 🙂