YFU Switzerland


Hej alla!

Finally I’m back and write again about my wonderful year!!! 🙂

Now it is already four weeks that I am here by this new host family in Ängelholm, and so many thins have happened…

Three weeks ago, I have started school, which is called Rönnegymnasiet. Actually all my classmates started school one week earlier (from the 20th August), but I couldn’t because the school direction didn’t had enough time to meet (with me) and decide witch subjects I would have. But I think that starting the school later wasn’t a bad idea; first because I had one week before where I could good integrate into the family (learning the rules, knowing each other,…) and also because it was more easy to get better known by the other classmates.

Anyway… The school building looks like new (built two/three ears ago…); there is a library, there are many computer rooms where students are allowed to go and surf freely, there are two big rooms (atrium) with sofas, armchairs and tables where students can relax, hang together, study… In a separated building, that is called „matsal“ (dinner-room), they serve lunch (warm and cold buffet) for free! This year there are about 800/900 students.

I chose a „social sciences“ program. Between Swedish, English and Mathematics, I have Geography, History and a subject called society („samhället“) (in witch we talk about politics, economy, people,…) that is our main subject. I also have German and physical education. In the class (Sa2d) we are 24 students, with only for girls :(. In this class I am the only exchange student, but in Rönnegymnasiet there are other 5 exchange students (from Italy, Australia, Japan and Germany); they are from other organizations. With them I go to SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) lessons, that are every morning during the week. At this class the most of the peoples are adults workers that immigrated in Sweden.

My school schedule, compared to the Swiss one, is a bit „thin“ (I don’t have so many hours/lessons like in Switzerland)! But I am happy with it. 🙂 Only monday morning I start at 8:10. The other days I start at 9:40/10:00/10:30. (but now, for the beginning, because of the SFI courses, the morning clock is always early!!).

My Swedish is going really well (I think; also my host family says)!! 🙂 They always speak in Swedish, and I understand always more. Soon I think that I will not need anymore English! 🙂 I find that it is a nice language to learn; mostly for the listening. Sometimes I get nervous and in a certain way angry with myself when I can’t express myself in Swedish yet. Because Joanna (my host mother) forces me a lot to try to speak Swedish! But I think she has right and she is really doing good! 🙂

Actually, I really also like my host family! I think that they are in a certain good way simple; there is never stress; everything is always okay. 🙂

The most different thing is the way of teaching. Here the teachers and the students are almost „on the same level“; in Switzerland the teacher is like „always right“, the teacher decides, the teacher is „the boss“, the student has to respect the teacher… It doesn’t mean that here there is no respect between each other; I think there is more respect! (for example when the teacher explains/talks there is no student that make noise/disturbs/talks; I was used to teachers that all the time had to ask quietness/silence, that had to put students out of the room,…

Other differences:

In the school there are never a bell that rings, to announce the end of the lesson; there is anything. The teacher decides when we can leave.

A lot of lessons we go to the „datorsal“ (computer rooms) to work and do researches on the net.

During the lesson it is allowed (the teachers don’t say anything) to have chewing gums {today I offered a gum to the teacher and he nicely accepted!! 🙂 }, everyone has his iPhone on the desk and you can write (use it) during the lesson, when we have to work on something (and the teacher isn’t speaking) some classmates have music in their ears…

Overall I like the swedish teaching system. 🙂

Today, Per (my host father) and me, we participated at a „loppet“ (a race (running)). The path (where we had to run) was in the woods of Ängelholm, and it was really nice! 🙂 Per ran 4.8 km and I ran 10.2 km. I think this is the best race I have ever done (I am very happy with my result: 42’08“, and 18th position!!!). 🙂

So, that’s all for now. I will write soon about the innebandy and tell about the experiences… 🙂

Ha de så bra i Schweiz!

Många stora hälsningar från Sverige! 🙂