YFU Switzerland

Välkommen till Sverige!!!



My name is Enea Moretti. I’m a 17 year old boy from Switzerland (from the Italian-speaking part). My mother tong is Italian, but I also speak French, German, English (no very well), and now I’m learning Swedish! 🙂 About one year ago I decided to do an exchange year. I had some difficulties in choosing the country, but at the end, focusing on my goals, hobbies and objectives I chose Sweden! 🙂 I made my inscription in December 2011. For me, at the beginning it (the exchange year) was like a dream; it was a serious project but I never expected it like it is now.


In may I went to the orientations camp (in Lenk) with the others YFU students from Switzerland. There I met really nice, friendly, open-minded peoples that had my same (similar) objective (an exchange year). Thanks to that camp I understood better what I was going to do, which expectations I could have about my year, and so on.


About 10 days before the flight, I started to prepare my year: a lot of administrations, luggage, salutations to al friends and relatives,… It was really a stressed time, because every day I remembered that I had to do another thing, that you didn’t expected before. Also mentally and emotionally it was a hard, but nice time. I would say that since I made my inscription, the emotionally part of this project has always grown up; the last month always more! The emotions that I felt where a big mix between happiness, proudness, curiosity, a little sadness, sometimes I that that I was just crazy, maybe a little fear,… But the biggest feeling was realization (understanding) about what I was going to do! (As if before I was just dreaming). All this feelings were really nice and positive for me.


The 15th of August was my departure with seven other Swiss girls; our destination was Stockholm. When we arrived at the airport, two YFU representatives (leaders) welcomed us with a friendly “fika”. Our dormitories where in “Kärsögården”: a really nice place outside Stockholm, near by a river (one of the many), and about twenty minutes far from the Royal castle (“Drottningholm”). In “Kärsögården” met all the exchange students (72), from all over the world, that would spend one year in Sweden. Our leaders were ca. 15-20; the most of them are representatives from YFU Sweden (some that worked in the office, the most are volunteers, ex-exchange students,…), but there were also some YFU volunteers from other countries. They were all very friendly, open minded, happy to see so many exchange students that chose Sweden as their host country, but also jealous about our position (they all wanted to be exchange students again!!!)! 🙂 At this Arrival-Orientation Camp we learned how to approach our host family, how to behave in determinate cases, the rules… and they taught us some basic Swedish. 🙂 I met a lot of friendly, cool and open minded teenagers from all over the world: that was really great! With the most of them I spoke English, but also my other languages knowledge helped me! I found great being able to communicate with other cultures and with other people just with one language (English). Every day, before breakfast or during our free times, we jumped in the cold (but not so cold as in Switzerland (Walensee)) water or played any outside games. The weather was also good, but compared to Switzerland I have the impression that it changes more quickly during a day (the rain can suddenly come…). After the third day, my host sister (Emilia, a volunteer form YFU and an ex-exchange student in Argentina) also came to the Camp. Meeting her was a great moment; I had so many questions about her family, about Sweden, the school, about Ängelholm,… The next day al exchange students traveled to their own host family. I went with Emilia to Ängelholm; it took us about 6 hours of train. Summarizing, all the 4 days where (personally) emotionally intense, but also a lot of fun with the other students! 🙂

Before meeting with my host family (family Wiik), I wasn’t actually nervous or excited. It was like meeting some friends. But I was happy to see the house, my room, the town,…


My host family is composed by Joanna and Per (“parents”), Michael and Emilia (host siblings). They live in Ängelholm: a little city in the south of Sweden (in the province of Skåne), on the west cost. The house is like about 5 minutes (with the bike) far from the beach!! 🙂 In the center of the town there are many shops, restaurants, boutiques,… I visited the school and from inside it looks all new, modern and confortable!!! 🙂 I’m really looking forward to start the school! 🙂


Until now we went once to Torekov (a little “summer” village, with only summerhouses, on the beach), to meet “farmor” (Pers grandmother). There we also jumped in the see (less salty).

A couple of times we went to shopping centers (one near Ängelholm and one near Helsinborg).


I have really a lot more to tell, about emotions, feelings, about things that I do/ that I experience, but now I have to go to my “Innebandy” training (unihockey)! 🙂 I’m looking forward to write soon again! Just keep in mind that I’m happy to be here, I feel good, I sometimes miss my family (because I would like to tell them so many things that I experience).


“Många, stora, varma, kramar” (= many, big, warm, hugs) to everyone, “från Sverige”!! 🙂