YFU Switzerland

Spring Workshop 2013

On March 15, the volunteers of YFU Switzerland met at Prêles for the Spring Workshop. The goal of the weekend was to acquire different skills in one of the workshops and – of course – to have a lot of fun with the fellow volunteers. My name is Kevin and together with Sebi I organized the workshop as National Event Coordinator (NEC). For me it was the first time as a NEC, it was a special but fun experience 😉

We all met on Friday evening and got a nice pumpkin soup prepared by our awesome kitchen crew! After dinner I held my first NEC-speech, I was a little nervous but I guess I didn’t totally mess it up. After that we just chilled and enjoyed the night talking and playing games.

Wake-up call on Saturday was supposed to be at 8.30 but by then the whole house was already moving. We got some delicious pancakes for breakfast and after we ate up the workshops started for our participants. While they were dealing with either “Intercultural Communication” or “Groupleading”, Sebi and I spent the day studying/doing homework and playing foosball. Of course we also did some serious stuff – we went to town to buy some things for the night and short before dinner I had to go on an emergency shopping trip to buy cream for the sauce. For dinner we had some extraordinary swedish meat balls with potatoes. The night we again all spent just relaxing and talking and by the time the last ones went to bed there even was a thin layer of snow laying – not saying that this was necessarily awesome 😛

The next morning after breakfast we made Sebi a present since the spring workshop was his last event as a NEC. At this point again thank you Sebi for your great work for YFU as a NEC. We’re happy to keep you as a member of our social media team!

For me, as I said before, the spring workshop was a special event. I got to see the event from a different standpoint and got some insight into the work that has to be done ahead and after the event. It has certainly been fun and I hope I’ll soon be able to organize an event again.