YFU Switzerland

Malin from YFU Sweden in Switzerland

Malin Saare is working for YFU Sweden and responsible for the support of the Swedish exchange students abroad and the foreign exchange students in Sweden. She has been visiting the YFU Switzerland Office from 17th-19th of October 2012.

Malin and the YFU Switzerland Office Staff (from left to right: Benno, Malin, Annette, Ornella and Séverine)

Malin Saare went on exchange to the US, Michigan with YFU in 1979/80. When she came back she started volunteering, being active in different positions mostly in the Stockholm District. She even worked as a substitution at the YFU office during the busy summer periods. After 5 years she decided to take a break. 2001 then was the year she got engaged with YFU again, now working in the office as the outbound coordinator. Today she works as the Inbound and Outbound Support.

Supporting the students during their year is a satisfying and enriching work, she says. It is interesting to see what they learn and how they learn. Especially on the foreign students in Sweden she can see how they develop throughout the year and become more and more Swedish, taking over the mentality.

The cooperation between YFU Sweden and YFU Switzerland has always been good and fruitful, what is reflected by the fact that both organizations sent a representative to the 50th anniversary of each organization. While the interest of Swiss students to travel to Sweden has always been high, Malin would wish for more Swedish students going to Switzerland.

So in this way we want to thank Malin again for coming to Switzerland and send our best wishes to YFU Sweden!