YFU Switzerland

Nina’s trip to Chicago

My host family and I had planned that trip for a very long time and now spring break had finally arrived. After the last day of school got over we didn’t want to lose any time and headed right away down to Chicago. The four-hour-drive didn’t seem as long with all the talking and excitement that was going on in the car. My host sister Maria was especially excited since she was going to meet her parents that had come from Brazil.

When we finally drove into the city of Chicago, it didn’t take us very long to find the hotel where Maria was going to stay with her parents. Though we didn’t want to rush their reunion, we were quite nervous and also very happy about being able to meet them that same night for dinner where we were going to get to know each other better. And, of course, what could have been a better place to do that than the famous “Bubba Gump”? We had lots of laughs, some funny cultural misunderstandings, maybe one or two language barriers, and some amazing food! Therefore, we just couldn’t wait to meet Maria and her family again the next day.

Since we had arranged to meet our Brazilian friends for dinner and it was only 10 o’clock in the morning, we decided not to waste any time by going ahead and exploring Chicago. After visiting some pretty cool monuments such as the jelly bean or the huge statue of Marilyn Monroe, my host mom and I just couldn’t keep back from shopping. However, my host dad insisted in getting our stomachs full before the upcoming walking-around-for-hours, so we took the chance and ate an original “Chicago style hot dog”! After having done so much shopping that day and telling our stories to Maria’s family later on, we literally fell into our beds when we got in our hotel room.

I loved the next day too, since we decided that we couldn’t miss out on the Aquarium that is situated right by Lake Michigan. Besides the fact that we watched an incredible dolphin show, I thought the penguins were extremely fascinating. As a matter of fact, I took more than 20 pictures of those cute creatures!

I was glad I didn’t have to say goodbye to Maria’s parents that same day since they reassured us that they were going to visit us in Michigan. All in all, it was an amazing trip, I had SO much fun! And of course, it was just one more precious memory that is not going to add any weight to my luggage, but that’s going to last for a lifetime!!