YFU Switzerland

My Prom

Samira verbringt ihr YFU Austauschjahr in den USA. Ein Highlight war der Abschlussball, der Prom, an Ihrer High School. Sie berichtet uns von diesem unvergesslichen Tag und schickte uns viele tolle Fotos.

I was so excited for Prom even weeks before! The theme was India and the day before Prom I got a henna tattoo from my host mom’s friend, for free.

That morning when I woke up, I was so excited and got up earlier than normal. After lunch we started to prepare ourselves for Prom. My host mom likes to work with mine and my “sisters” hair, she often braids them. So she made our hairstyles for Prom. We could save a lot of money that way.

My sister, Anne, is another exchange student from the Netherlands. We dressed and everyone had to laugh about my tan lines from the bikini. It looks like an arrow pointing down my cleavage. So I had to cover my tan with make-up. At 5 o’clock we met with our friends at a botanical garden to take pictures, but obviously we weren`t the only ones with that idea. However, my group had a lot of fun with posing for the pictures. Like Charlie‘s Angles. And all our parents were taking pictures of us like paparazzi. We all looked so pretty! Then we went to eat at a Chinese restaurant that was very delicious. Jacob, the only boy at our table, heard from someone that when you mix two of the sauces from that restaurant together, it will explode. Of course he had to try that out. We girls were happy that it didn’t explode though. The waitress asked us if we are all his dates and we just said “yes”.

My host dad drove us to the actual dance that was in the Hyatt. Our group was one of the first ones, which was great because we could make as many flip books as we wanted to since no one else was standing in line. I made six, one with each friend. This will probably be my best souvenir from the prom. We danced all night, and I took pictures with every person I knew. It was amazing to see how pretty everyone looked. Even two songs played, that were on my wish list. The food was good too. They had a chocolate fountain and fruits to dip and other nice desserts.

My shoes hurt after a while and I didn`t really want to take them off like everybody else did, because then I would be standing on my dress all the time. Each of the girls was once swing dancing with Jacob, that’s what we do often in our free time. And even a teacher was impressed and said to Jacob that she wishes her husband could dance like that. Then we had an after party at my house and we were swimming in the pool and then sitting in the hot tub. The girls could sleep over and we went to bed at 2:30 am. It was a great night which I’ll never forget!

– Samira