YFU Switzerland

A little update about my life here

Hi everyone out there

So, I haven’t written in a while. That’s mostly because there didn’t happen a lot here.


After that I came home from Machala (I’m still missing it heaps 🙁 ) my regular life here started again. But somehow everything is different. Through that I’ve decided to change host family I feel like we are all just kind of waiting for the moment that I’m finally leaving. That week in Machala I filled up my happiness batteries again. I saw that it actually is possible to have an amazing time here. I got to know a wonderful family in Machala and just felt so much better there. So I asked YFU if it would be possible that I can go to live in Machala with that family I like so much. And first they gave me a lot of hope that it would be possible. I was so extremely happy and excited and I was sure that my life in Ecuador would become awesome. Then the shock, YFU Quito says I can’t go. I felt so down. I talked a lot to my parents at home and they helped me going through it. My dream had been crushed. We tried everything. My area rep, YFU Switzerland, I, my parents and the area rep in Machala wrote to YFU Quito to ask them to change their opinion, but they didn’t do. I think that was the first time in my life that I had felt so helplessly angry and sad. But with help of my parents I managed to accept the decision, even though it’s hard. So now I’m going to stay in Portoviejo, but with another family. My area rep already found a family but I can’t change before Monday next week. I really hope that I will finally feel happy and at home there. I’m going to have a 15 year old host brother, but more I don’t know about them. I will write more about that next week

School and friends            

At school I feel very well. The lessons are boring because I don’t understand a lot, but I usually have someone to talk to or I listen to the conversations of my class mates.

I notice that it makes a big difference that I have got used to the noise in the class room and that the atmosphere is totally different from school in Switzerland. I still am the “most special” person in the class, but I start developing normal friendships and don’t have 10 different people coming up to me all the time. A funny example that I’m still being seen as the stranger is when we had a math test. In math lessons I can work too, because there the language doesn’t make a big problem. So through that the test wasn’t a big deal to me (I also don’t have to be afraid for bad grades at the moment). But when I gave my paper to the teacher as the first student, all of a sudden everyone started clapping and shouting “Wooow, Annette!!” Everyone was so surprised that I had written that test. It was really funny.

I can’t say that I have really close friends here. For that I don’t know them good enough, but there are some people I usually am with and with who I talk a lot. They are all so nice to me. I’m very thankful that the people here never seem to get impatient with me because they have to repeat everything like 3 times.


So now, the big question: How is my Spanish?….

Well it is much better than in the beginning, that’s for sure. Also my host parents and school friends tell me that I learn the new language fast. It feels good being able to have a conversation in Spanish, or well more or less a “conversation” 😉 . I often have to ask for explanations of words and when I talk it still is difficult to express everything I want to say. Especially the verbs are killing me. There are like 3094858 different verb forms and even though I only use 3 (present simple, past simple and one of the future forms) it is difficult. But still I’m positive that in about 2 or 3 month, I will be nearly fluent in Spanish. For example when I sit in the taxi, the taxistas often start talking to me. And that’s when I notice that I have improved a lot. But of course it can be quite uncomfortable when I want to buy something and the salesman says something and I have to ask “what?” like three times. The people always look at me then.


Here halloween is celebrated similair to at home. But the children don’t walk alone on their own and ask for candy. When I told my school friends about that they went like “Whaat?! But don’t they get robbed?”. But there are quite many fiestas and the people dress up just like we do. But of course the atmosphere is totally different without the orange trees and the fall weather.

So all together I’m ok. I’m looking forward to the change of the family but I’m still very disappointed and sad, that my dream of living in Machala won’t become real.

I often think “It would be so easy to just go home and leave my chaos life here behind”. But life isn’t easy. Now I’m here, now I also have to try everything to make the best out of it. I miss my family a lot but I know they are always standing behind me and it’s “only” 8 month left until I see them again.

Much love


PS: If there is anything specific you would like me to write about, feel free to contact me! Annette.db@hotmail.com or you can leave a comment here