YFU Switzerland

My first days in Ecuador

So it has happened a lot since my last blog post.

The flight:

We had to meet at 5.30 am. in Zurich – Kloten, so it was very early to wake up. My parents drove me there and it was a very sad goodbye. It is the first time to be without my family for more than 2 weeks.

Two YFU – volunteers lead us swiss girls to the gate. From there we were left alone. The flight to Madrid took 2,5 hours. That time went by quite fast. I sat next to Elodie, we talked a lot, so I felt very excited and not sad at all.

When we arrived in Madrid, we were quite stressed at first to find our gate. As some may know Madrid is a HUGE

The first time to see Ecuador with my own eyes

The first time to see Ecuador with my own eyes

airport. We even had to take the underground – train. But in the end we found our gate. We flew with Iberia, quite a cheap airline, so I have to say the flight wasn’t very good. There weren’t any TVs and the food was really not good. But Elodie and I sat next to an ecuadorian, wo lives in Austria, so it was interesting to talk to him. But the flight was still very boring.

The arrival camp

We arrived at about 6 pm. and we were really excited but still very tired. There are 29 exchange students from YFU

from left to right: Noelle, Elodie, me, Carolyn

from left to right: Noelle, Elodie, me, Carolyn

in Ecuador, 17 of them are germans. So there are really many germans. The food here is really good. We are in a facility that is taken care of by nuns. And they really cook delicious food. My first impression of Ecuadorian food is really great. It is extremely beautiful here as you can see on the photos.

I share room with a german girl, Alicia, and she’s very nice. The first night was hard because I got a bit homesick then, but on the days there is so much happening, that I don’t even have the time to worry. We have some kind of workshops that are lead by volunteers from YFU here in Ecuador. They are all really nice and it’s very great that we can ask them questions about everything. I think all these activities prepare me for the arrival in my family and in the school. So I’m very happy about being here.

The garden here is really beautiful :)

The garden here is really beautiful 🙂

Today in the evening we had a talent show, where every country had to

The Cotopaxi breaking out. (Sorry for the crappy quality)

The Cotopaxi breaking out. (Sorry for the crappy quality)

represent themselves, so we from Switzerland performed some typical swiss songs (such as “wenn eine tannigi Hose het”). We actually won, so now I’m the proud owner of an ecuadorian scarf 😀

Tomorrow I’m going to meet my host family in Portoviejo. We are going there by bus with some other exchange students.

I will write a new blog post as soon as there are new things to write about 🙂

Muchos saludos, Annette