YFU Switzerland

My Flights & The Arrival

Hi there!

I’m in Fort Worth (everybody just calls it FW) now for 12 hours. My flight from Switzerland to Newark went very well, but my connecting flight from there to the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport got delayed 2 hours because of heavy rain in Dallas so I had to wait at there for 8 hours! 

When I finally arrived in Dallas, the rain was still pouring down. It was around 12:30 AM and I was really tired. Luckily I found my host family really quick, they where all waiting for me there.

In the front from right to left: Angel (17), my host mom Stephanie and Mia (12)
In the back from right to left: my host dad Adam, Lana (15) and me

As I got out of the airport, I was really surprised by how humid an hot the air was out there compared to the plane and the airport. Wo got into the car and drove home, where I took a quick shower and went straight to bed.

I woke up again at like 5 AM and a few minutes later their cat (she’s only 3 months old) came into my room, laid next to me and started purring. I couldn’t sleep anymore (not because of the cat, because of the jet-lag) so I just read a little.

After breakfast I looked up if there are any Shawn Mendes concerts in the area because earlier, in the car when we drove home from the airport In My Blood played on the radio and I told them that Shawn is my favorite singer and Stephanie (my host mother) said I should just go and tell them if he has a concert in the area. I had still in my mind that he’s going to Texas too on his festival tour and really, he’s coming to Austin on October 14th for the Austin City Limits festival. There where still tickets left and my oldest host sister Angel (she’s 17) said she’d go there with me, I’m so excited about it!


Ich bin jetzt etwa schon seit 15 Stunden in Fort Worth. Der Flug von Zürich nach Newark verlief gut aber mein Anschlussflug nach Dallas hatte zwei Stunden Verspätung da es am Zielflughafen stark regnete. Deshalb musste ich schlussendlich etwa 8 Stunden in Newark warten.

Es war etwa halb eins in der Nacht und hat immer noch sehr stark geregnet als ich dann endlich in Dallas angekommen bin. Zum Glück habe ich meine Gastfamilie sehr schnell gefunden, sie haben alle am Flughafen auf mich gewartet.

Heute habe ich herausgefunden, dass Shawn Mendes am 14. August an einem Festival in Austin auftritt, für das es noch Tickets gibt. ich kann jetzt mit meiner ältesten Gastschwester Angel dorthin gehen, ich freue mich unglaublich darauf!