YFU Switzerland

What an exciting weekend!

Mountains, goat bells and over 200 young open minds. It was the orientation weekend in Lenk.

Already on Friday evening the camp place became full of ideas, preparations and exchange year stories. About 40 group leaders had an intensive training, some time to get to know each other and to try out some games. Toni was definitely the master of energizers! He was able to make people show their hidden crazy chicken personality, dance John Travolta style and even REmangiare the banana! Congratulations! The next day also most of the future exchange students got the idea of energizers and thought it’s fun to be a ninja or a funny bunny.

The students arrived on Saturday. Round 150 world-open young people! The orientation sessions started. With help of posters, flipcharts, balloons, year books, sweets and our own stories we’ve made our best to give the students great preparation for their exchange year adventure.

In the evening our running YFU board member Claudio held a vivid speech and wished the exchange students good luck. Later we’ve been dancing salsa and playing improvisation theatre, talking, singing, playing games… Wake up at 7am next morning made everybody happy and we continued the sessions.

Shortly before the orientation weekend ended there was again some time to laugh. The group leaders jumped into roles of Heidi and Peter to show in a funny way how to prepare for an international journey. Hopefully everybody will remember to put their passport to the hand luggage!

Thank you, it was a great weekend!