YFU Switzerland

crazy love

Crazy, lovely, wonderful, and I would suppose crazy again. This is how I would describe my hostfamily. I cannot even remember which fact was more shocking or more unfamiliar for me regarding my exchange year: the one that I was going to have three brothers for one year or that my hostfamily is muslim.

At home in Switzerland we do not really like the muslim people. I have never understood why, but we just don’t like them. Maybe it is not even the religion but just the fact that they are foreigners and we have a saying for this in Switzerland: what the farmer doesn’t know, he does not eat. We are not open-minded at all, or at least a lot of people are not. They associate the Islam with terrorism, the scarf of a muslim woman scares them because they don’t know what is hidden underneath it and they don’t even want to try to understand what it is all about to be muslim. But they are just people like you and me, they are normal and when my hostmother doesn’t wear a scarf, she looks weird because something is just missing.

At home in Switzerland I only have one sister and now I am the only sister. I have to say I always wanted to have brothers and now I have to say I really don’t understand why. I don’t know how I thought I am going to survive a year with loud, wild and crazy monsters. After half an hour I have enough of them, I have to say a lot of times: „Boys, stop it, I am just a girl“, but they still don’t stop. But somehow life would not be the same without them: I am never going to get such sweet Valentinecards like I got this year, who is going to jump in the middle of the night in the pool with me ? What boys can be my next three „little“ gentlemen ? I am already getting tears in my eyes when I just have to think about going „home“ and leaving them back here.

Crazy how life can change so quickly, crazy how life can change within six months, crazy how people who were strangers to you just one year ago are now a part of your most important-people-group. Crazy how I have found a home miles away from my other home, crazy how I learnt so much, changed, cried, laughed and realised so much in such a short time. Crazy.